Acceptable Use Policies by dffhrtcv3


									EDT 608
 Unit 8

          Acceptable Use
EDT 608
 Unit 1      AUP and Freedom
    • Scanning the Internet carries a much
      greater weight of responsibility than simply
      checking a book out of the media center
      Sperber (1995)
    • Establish a procedural policy for the use of
      computers when accessing information: an
      AUP (Acceptable Use Policy)
EDT 608
 Unit 1


    • “… a written agreement signed by
      students, their parents and their teachers
      outlining the terms and conditions of
      Internet use… rules of online behavior and
      access privileges” Keeping Students
EDT 608
 Unit 1             Concerns
    • Internet was not designed with children in
      mind, so education and the Internet
      community must discuss these issues
    • It is the school’s responsibility to
      determine “what safety, liability, and above
      all, educational concerns must be
      addressed before the schools are ready to
      tap into the Internet”.         Fishman and
      Pea (1994)
EDT 608
 Unit 1    Definition of the Internet

      • It is a fluid environment where the information
        which will be available to students is
        constantly changing, making it impossible to
        predict with certainty what information
        students might locate. Minnesota Coalition
      • Educators should not assume that parents
        know what the Internet is…the educational
        community must bear the burden of informing
        parents about the Internet and all of its
        capabilities, both good and bad.
EDT 608
 Unit 1            Netiquette
    • Need to establish rules for interacting with
      others via the computer.
    • Although the context for learning may be
      changing, the underlying values should not
      change. Connolly and Webster (1993)
    • The AUP’s netiquette guidelines should be
      an extension of the school’s code of
      behavior with definitions of “unacceptable”.
EDT 608
 Unit 1          Ethical Issues
    • Natural extension from
    • Netiquette addresses
      social behavior.
    • Ethics addresses the
      principles of right and
      wrong and legal issues.
EDT 608
 Unit 1               AUP Issues

      •   Copyright
      •   Intellectual freedom
      •   Viruses
      •   Worms
      •   Hackers
      •   Objectionable
EDT 608
 Unit 1
             Access: Privilege, not a
    •     Equal access to network resources
    •     To be safe from harassment
    •     To intellectual freedom
    •     To privacy in electronic communications
          and work ( with the understanding that
          system administrators may spot check)
EDT 608
 Unit 1           Legal Issues

      •   Property rights
      •   Mischief and criminal activity
      •   Censorship
      •   Security
      •   Commercialization
      •   Individual tort liability
      •   Accommodate First Amendment too
EDT 608
 Unit 1        Permission Form

      • Form is viewed as essential.
      • School retains these forms as a legal and
        binding document
      • Make the AUP user friendly and
        unambiguous to help parents and
        students understand its contents: include
        an appendix with a glossary of terms.
        Tannenbaum (1993)
EDT 608
 Unit 1              Penalties and
    •     Financial restitution
    •     Loss of Internet access
    •     Warning letters
    •     Legal action
    •     All will be incurred for failing to abide by
          the guidelines set up in the AUP.

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