Cadillac CTS All Wheel Drive - Luxury Offered at a Pre-Owned Price by dave_parker123


Cadillac continues to offer state-of-the-art pre-owned vehicles to price savvy consumers.

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Cadillac CTS All Wheel Drive - Luxury Offered at a Pre-Owned
/ m/ Cadillac co ntinues to enhance their
luxury line o f pre-o wned vehicles by o ffering a                                                                            Share This Story
sustainable mo del that has been built to last.
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Orlando , FL (Cadillac CTS All Wheel Drive News)
Cadillac co ntinues to o ffer state-o f-the-art pre-o wned
vehicles to price savvy co nsumers. Recently, the luxury                                                                              LinkedIn
auto maker anno unced that it will begin o ffering a higher                                                                           Go o gle+
level o f co verage with pre-o wned vehicle warranties.                                                                               Print
The extended vehicle co verage will match the current
warranty that is o ffered with all new Cadillac purchases                                                                             PDF
and will include bumper-to -bumper warranty co verage
fo r up to six years o r to 70 ,0 0 0 miles, whichever a
driver reaches first.

Pre-o wned Cadillac auto mo biles are o ne o f o nly a                                                                        View Report
handful that retain their value, even years after initial
release. This retentio n po wer makes them a so und              Cadillac CTS All Wheel Drive
                                                                                                                                 Appro ved o n 24 May 20 13 23:41 GMT
investment fo r anyo ne lo o king fo r Cadillac luxury at an
affo rdable price. The mo st recent anno uncement abo ut                                                                         48 8 wo rds, 2 links, 1 image
enhanced warranties has no w made pre-o wned                                                                                     Distributio n List
Cadillac’s even mo re appealing.
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No t o nly do es the new extended warranty o ffer mechanical co verage, but it also pro vides a three mo nth
subscriptio n to On-Star service, as well as SiriusXM Satellite Radio and 24-ho ur ro adside assistance.

Take fo r example a 20 0 8 Cadillac CTS All Wheel Drive no w fo r sale fo r o nly $22,9 8 1 at
CentralFlo m. This lo w mileage beauty has o nly 36 ,0 0 0 miles and still lo o ks brand new, spo rting
crystal red paint jo b and ebo ny leather interio r. With it’s clean Car Fax, the Cadillac Certified Warranty is available    More From This Source
thro ugh Cadillac Certified warranty go o d until No vember. With the new extended vehicle co verage plan, car buyers
can gain an additio nal six years o f peace o f mind o n this Cadillac CTS All Wheel Drive.                                      Dallas Auto Accident Atto rney Asks: Airbags
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“The enhancements that have been made to the Certified Pre-Owned Cadillac’s warranties pro vide benefits that
o ther pre-o wned vehicle mo dels do no t,” stated Kevin Giguere at Orlando Cadillac. “These enhancements o nly
                                                                                                                                 Wo men With Mesh Are Getting Dumped
add to the incredible sustainability and reliability o f the Cadillac brand.”

With the new warranty additio ns, the to tal co st o f o wnership o f a new Cadillac is mo re than mo st co nsumers can          Calif. Case Raises Issue o f Emplo yee Privacy in
affo rd, which has made the leasing o ptio n fo r these luxury vehicles extremely po pular. This o ptio n has left a wide        Yum! Brands Emplo yment Lawsuit
array o f pre-o wned mo dels available fo r purchase. With the recent enhancement o f benefits o f pre-o wned mo dels
it has no t o nly made a purchase feasible, but also smart. The purchase o f a pre-o wned Cadillac means no                      View All Sto ries Fro m This So urce
depreciatio n when the car is driven o ff the lo t, as well as a maintenance warranty that will pro vide service when

Cadillac estimates that a higher number o f leased luxury vehicles than usual will be returned this year, making it the
perfect time fo r a pre-o wned purchase. With o ver 10 0 years o f service, the durability o f the brand alo ne is a driving
facto r fo r the co ntinued po pularity o f bo th new and pre-o wned mo dels.

Drive pre-o wned luxury to day. Search the Central Flo rida Cadillac invento ry o f cars fo r sale in Orlando , o r call Kevin                   Send FREE
at 40 7-378 -6 46 0 to inquire abo ut hard to find vehicles like the 20 0 8 Cadillac CTS All Wheel Drive .
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