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									June 23rd, 2013                                                                                             Published by: Luis Camacho

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                                                                     The vision of the company is to offer a healthy, unique product;
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                                                                     Gano Excel Scam Review | The
                                                                       Gano Excel offers excellent opportunities for people
Gano Excel Scam Review – Is                                            throughout the world irrespective of their cultures and
It True Or Not?                                                        race. Translate their lifetime dreams into reality with
                                                                       its distinctive products that has help many improve
                                                                       their way of life.
Gano Excel Scam Review –
                                                                       With Gano Excel, the success is in your hand.
Welcome!                                                               You have the ownership to continue the legacy
Gano Excel Scam Review – Is It True Or Not? – There is a               of Ganoderma journey and make it your own
pretty good chance that you are reading this Gano Excel scam           business. Spending quality lifestyle with family,
review because you are thinking about getting involved with            earning unlimited income, has your own business and
the company. If so, I encourage you to read this entire review         unlimited boundaries to share the success with your
before you decide whether or not this company is right for you.        love ones. Allow you to be what you want to be.
                                                                       Minimum outlay and excellent opportunities.
I am going to be giving you a closer look at the company,
and the business opportunity. This Gano Excel scam review is           Gano Excel offers full company system support
going to be 100 % unbiased as I am not a distributor, customer,        worldwide, world class products with continuous
or affiliated with Gano Excel in any way.                              research and development activities, comprehensive
                                                                       process accreditation and products certification. Well
So lets get right into it, shall we…                                   structured and rewarding marketing plan awaits
Gano Excel Scam Review | The
                                                                       Taken From Gano Excel Website.
                                                                     Be sure to ask about the compensation plan, how you are paid
What makes this company unique is that they are selling their        and how often you will be paid. It’s always wise to market
coffee using the MLM business model. To learn a bit about the        yourself online no matter what company you choose.
company, check out the “4 Fundamentals of Gano Excel” on
their website. They include:                                         Gano Excel Scam Review | True or
  1. Energize (enriched products to sustain energy)                  Not?
  2. Revitalize (to feel the difference)                             Gano Excel Scam Review – Gano Excel most definitely is not a
                                                                     scam and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise doesn’t know
  3. Harmonize (enriched vision)
                                                                     the difference between a legitimate business and a scam. There
  4. Socialize (enriched living)                                     are thousands of people who are making good money in Gano
                                                                     Excel, and there are also a lot of people not making money.
The founder of this company, Leow Soon Seng wanted a
business that would touch every area of life, and this is how the    To be successful in network marketing you need to acquire the
4 fundamentals came into being.                                      skills it takes to sponsor people, sell products, and manage a
                                                                     downline. So lets assume that you decide you want to join Gano
While Gano Excel is offering coffee, they also carry teas and        Excel with the goal of creating financial freedom within the
cocoas as well that contain the ganoderma extract from the           next 2-5 years with the business. You are going to need at least
ganoderma mushroom. The extract from this mushroom has               a couple thousand people in your team activity promoting the
been proven to help relieve fatigue, help control inflammation,      business and selling products, so how do you plan on achieving
cholesterol levels and high blood pressures, build stamina           that and placing in the top 3 % of network marketers in the
and support the immune system. Gano Excel owm the world              industry.
largest 100% Ganoderma Organic plantation located in Kedah,
Malaysia.                                                            After the company tells you to pitch your family and friends,
                                                                     how are you going to have targeted prospects interested in
                                                                     your business on a consistent basis so you actually can build

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June 23rd, 2013                                                                                           Published by: Luis Camacho

a profitable business? Well, most companies will tell you to
prospect, cold call, and do home meetings in order to build
your business, and although these strategies are proven to
work for some people, they don’t work for the majority.
That’s why you need to follow a system that is working for
the average person that will enable you to have a consistent
number of leads coming in everyday so you can build your
business successfully.

Gano Excel Scam Review– Building A
I personally don’t prospect, host home meetings, or even pick
up the phone to generate leads and sponsor people into my
business because I have systems and process’s in place that
take care of all the work for me. Not to long ago, I chose to only
listen to the people that have what I want, so I started following
some of the top leaders in this industry and copying exactly
what they are doing.
Since then I have never looked back, and I’m enjoying building
my business and having a life at the same time. I love the
fact that I don’t have to wait 2-5 years to be financially free, I
don’t have to chase my friends and family or wander around
in Walmart, I can have targeted prospects coming to me on a
daily basis wanting to join my business, and I don’t even have
to talk to them in order for them to join.
If you want to learn how to generate 100 + leads everyday
and sponsor thousands into your organization without cold
calling, home meetings, or prospecting then click here and you
will be directed to a free video training revealing this simple 3
step system that has already changed the lives of thousands of
network marketers around the world.
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