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					June 23rd, 2013                                                                                             Published by: Luis Camacho

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                                                                     This means potential big money for anyone serious about
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                                                                     the Pro Travel Network agent opportunity. However, rapid
  features and hide this message.                                    corporate expansion can lead to company turmoil, but with the
                                                                     travel industry expanding so quickly, corporate expansion isn’t
                                                                     something to worry about in this case.
Pro Travel Network Review – A
                                                                     Pro Travel Network | OPPORTUNITY
Real Look at the Truth!                                              Home-based business is a $427 billion a year industry. With
Introducing  The “Pro Travel                                         the Pro Travel Network opportunity you can take advantage of
                                                                     both the booming home-based business sector and the always
Network Review” – A real Look                                        expanding travel business.
at the Truth!                                                        Pro Travel Network | How do I become a
                                                                     travel agent?
                                                                     In order to become a certified travel agent with this company
                                                                     you need to buy your ITAP card (Independent Travel
                                                                     Agent Program) and then potentially join some additional
                                                                     distributor options.

If you are reading this Pro Travel Network Review because               • * $439.99 initial fee for your ITAP card
you are thinking about getting involved with the company,
                                                                        • * $99.99 yearly renewal fee
I’m glad you’re here. This review is intended to provide you
with important facts about the company, the products they            As a independent travel agent, you will receive a 70%
are promoting, and the business opportunity they are offering.       commission on sales. After you have completed the initial
  I’m also going to include some tips and advice on how to be        payments you will have some more distributor options to
successful with any network marketing opportunity so be sure         choose from – first, the RT (Representative Trainer) option:
to take a couple of minutes and read this entire review.
                                                                     Ads by Google
Travel has become the world’s largest industry, accounting
for nearly $7 trillion annually. Pro Travel Network has made            • * $59.99 initial fee
an attempt to market itself within that mega-trillion dollar
                                                                        • * $39.99 monthly fee
industry. Let’s take a closer look at the opportunity the
company offers.                                                      Next, you have the CR (Customer Representative) option:
Pro Travel Network | COMPANY                                            • * $19.99 one time fee
Founded in 2003, Pro Travel Network has quickly become
on of the leading travel companies in the world today. With          Obviously it’s cheaper to go with CR, but in the long run
current offices in the United States and Canada. It has also         you have more outlets to earn money with the RT option
been debt free from launch. Since the initial launch, the            including personal sales commissions, fast start bonus, matrix
company has since expanded to Canada and Australia, and              pay and earned rankings (based on sales volume). Alongside
now has offices in Nevada, California, Ontario, Quebec, British      your membership comes a Business to Consumer Website that
Columbia and Melbourne.                                              is entirely your own. This website will be utilized to advertise
                                                                     your travel business, and if any sales come through your
Pro Travel Network | PRODUCTS                                        particular site, the commissions belong to you.
The company has also split into five different divisions which       Pro Travel Network will help you to obtain the two most
deal with different aspects of travel:                               important travel cards out there – the CLIA and IATAN cards.
                                                                     You can readily show off your expertise to your customers with
  1. The Honeymoon Registry                                          these cards.
  2. PTN Business                                                    Final Analysis

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June 23rd, 2013                                                                                           Published by: Luis Camacho

The company offers a decent opportunity to make money from
home with. Of course, you have to make good efforts to have
success, as with pretty much anything.
Ultimately it will be up to you to decide if this opportunity is
the right one. If you are positive about the opportunity you’re
promoting and learn how to market it to the right people,
success can quickly find you.
If you can learn and master the skill of Internet marketing,
combined with the concept of attraction marketing, there will
be no limit to how successful you can be with Pro Travel
Network, or ANY other network marketing company.
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To Your Success.
Luis Camacho
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Description: In this brief article we are going to review this company and discuss if is it a worth while invest to get started with it. The goal of this article is to give an unbiased review to help you learn the facts.