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									                       Trademark Move A Head Legally
Letters, numerals, graphics, designs, words and other effective combinations can be
registered as trademark; first need to search the database of registrar office of trademark
then file an application as per the trademark act 1999 of India to apply for trademark
registration certification.
To register a trademark is advisable to consult an expert who can provide all the necessary information and
identify the best ways of protection. Theoretically you can do by yourself by contacting the Registrar of
Trademark at which there is a charge to receive applications for registration under the trademark act 1999. To
register a india trademark registration must fill in a form, indicating the classes of goods and services for
which the mark itself will be used. It must also pay taxes and bear the costs for the stamps and secretarial
duties. Forms for registration of trademarks can also be downloaded from the internet. The main difficulty lies
in the analytical work that must be done prior to registration to avoid conflict with earlier trademarks
registered by others.

Before registering the trademark be sure it should be unique and should matched or conflict with already
registered trademarks. The words (word marks) and graphics (figurative marks) that the colors or shapes when
they are capable of indicating the origin of a product or service from a particular user. The choice on the brand
requires a complex work that must be done with the utmost care to avoid falling into counterfeit trademarks of
others. Words, text, colorful image, phrase all can be registered as trademark registration delhi. The moment
you invent a new word or trying to identify a service or a product you must be clear that the more it is new and
more imaginative the brand will be strong and will be protected from imitation. For example, use trademarks
which consist with the word "clean" to household cleaners will do the customer to understand perfectly what it
is but it will be difficult to prevent competitors from using the same verb that is descriptive of the product.

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