Helpful Tips For Company Registration In India

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					Helpful Tips For Company Registration In India
The company registration process is the same whether you incorporate your
firm in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad or any other city or place in India.
In order to start a new business or form a new company, you have to decide the domain whether
you are going to manufacture, supply, trade or retail products or provide services. After taking
decision about the domain, you can go ahead for deciding about the name of your firm and its
trademark. And then you can go for company registration process in India or elsewhere across the
globe. It is essential for you to get registered your company as the registered company gives a lot of
advantages to you. Whether it would be private or public company, registration is compulsory for
both types of company formation. Both types of company individual proprietorship and
partnership can be registered in India company registration bangalore.

The registration of company in India is regulated and managed by the Companies Act 1956. It is the
subject matter of Ministry of Corporate Affairs and administered with the help of Offices of
Registrar of Companies in every state of the country. The types of companies whether it is private
or public are registered as per the Companies Act of India 1956. The registration procedure of
company starts with the filling of company name application form at the ROC. After the allotment of
company name, documents related to company registration have to be drafted and submitted to the
ROC. Documents required for company registration include address proof of company, passport
size photographs, PAN card, minimum share capital draft, DIN & DSC and Memorandum of Articles.
After the publication and examination, you receive the Certificate of Incorporation for your
company. Company registration in Delhi has the same process as for company registration
hyderabad, company registration in Bangalore, company registration in Mumbai and company
registration in Punjab.

For company registration procedure, you need to keep names for your firm and file the name
proposal with the ROC. The name is searched and is not found similarity with any previous
company name you are allotted with your company name. Preparing documents such as
proprietors’ details and drafting the Memorandum of Articles are the next step. You have to submit
the application form with the requisite fees. The procedure for the registration of a company
includes the steps such as name approval, document preparation, document submission with
prescribed fees and obtaining Incorporation Certificate. The fee for company registration in
Bangalore is the same as in company registration delhi. Follow the steps for your company
registration punjab and get your firm registered with the government and do your business

You can do yourself or take support from lawyers or firms engaged in offering company
registration services. There are several firms available around you. These firms have highly
qualified and experienced professionals who are ready to help you in your company registration
process. Be tension free as these professionals will do the entire work for the registration of your
company rightly from the proposal of name till the certification. Take support from mediator for
registration and make the process hassle free company registration mumbai.

Description: The company registration process is the same whether you incorporate your firm in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad or any other city or place in India.