How To Select Practical, Cheap And Good Quality Watch ? by nessmayoussef3


									     How To Select
         Cheap And
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       Good Quality

  wristwatch reflects
      not only your
   character but also
your elegant look all in
    one piece. It also
reflects your financial
 status and your taste
    in other matters.
Ladies usually care for
  the smallest details
    when it comes to
  choosing her watch
 .whatever the price is
We can give you five tips to follow when
   choosing the appropriate watch

           it is true that the wristwatchshows the
   1       financial status, but changing is
           necessary and required. When buying
 Don’t     watches that have complicated, rare
           colors like yellow and shiny pink you

  be       should have such watches from cheap
           brands that have an elegant look like
           .Aldo, Guess and Mango

     2       of course it is not a rule but I know
             many women who have forgotten to buy
    Get      a new watch and their watches’ designs
             .have become very old
 yourself    I recommend you to get
              watches with nice metal framessuits all
  a new      different colors of your clothes and all
             the different looks. Try Pierre Cardin
 watch at    watches specially the silver ones

every year

            Who said that you can not have
    3       watches sold in small stores and have a
 Watches    great look with them? In big occasions no
            one concentrate on brands or its name but
that have   only those who made the party or the
infamous    occasion, so it is fine to wear them and
            also save some money. The real problem is
 brands     that some of them are not made to work
            as real watches so make sure that you try
 are fine   it and if it stopped working you can have
            .another one

             I loved theSchwaravski watches that have

     4       been recently in markets. They are very
             elegant, affordable and have special designs.
Glittering   If you decided to have a special expensive
             watch you have to take in considerations the
watches      Austrian crystal Shwaravski brand. They
             have a new collection available and also there
             are many substitutions like the brand of
             Salvatore Ferragamo that have renewable
             .half classic designs

            In your closet you have to have a
            diversity of collections. I have seen many
            ladies repeating the same designs but
   5        under different brands, you shouldn’t do
  Nice      .that
            This diversity should be in the design
practical   itself, the quality of the leather and
            .according to your budget
watches     One of the most important brands you
            should have is the practical Swatch brand
            . Recently Swatch started to design
            watches with pearls and they are sold
            .with about 300 dirham
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