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Maasai International Challenge Africa Safaris and Experiences


Maasai International Challenge Africa also offers you a range of once in a life time experiences. These include tailor made Safaris from the choice of many of the national parks that East Africa has to offer.

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                                       Maasai International Challenge Africa Safaris and
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                                       Maasai International Challenge Africa also offers you a range of once in a life time
                                       experiences. These include tailor made Safaris from the choice of many of the
                                       national parks that East Africa has to offer. For example the Serengeti, Ngorogoro
                                       creator and the Maasai Mara are a few or the choices. It also arranges Treks to Mt
                                       Kilimanjaro, Mt Kenya and Mt Ruwenzori and for those who are after a more of a
                                       relaxing break then Zanzibar is the perfect place for sun, sea, sand and good times.
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                                       Maasai International Challenge Africa you will be able to witness wonderful
Your pet is part of your family.       experiences such as the ‘Great Wildebeest Migration’ a family of elephants passing
Learn how you can keep each            meters away from you, a lion, leopard or cheater hunt, the breathtaking view of the                    Journal Entries
 other happy and healthy at            Ngorogoro creator or the amazing sense of achievement when you reach Uhuru
                                       peak at the top of Mt Kilimanjaro. For more information on the different safari and                     June 2013                                   Close
          Sharecare.                   adventure packages visit                                                                    Friday, 6/21
      Take the Quiz                                                                                                                                Maasai International Challenge Africa Safaris
                                       Why Maasai International Challenge Africa
                                                                                                                                                   and Experiences
                                       Maasai International Challenge Africa program fees are found to be of a much lower                          Thursday, 6/20
    Health Event Calendar              price than are competitors, up to 50 -65%. This is because The Global Adventure
 See what's new on the site                                                                                                                        All about bookkeeping services India
                                       Safaris is a Tanzanian based organization so the money directly goes to where it is
                                       needed here in Africa and not lost in admin costs and high staff expenditures in the                        Tuesday, 6/18
    Step-by-step Tutorials                                                                                                                         Choosing the right IT support St. Louis
  How to use DailyStrength             west like many NGO’s in the market today. All the money goes directly to supporting
                                       the community development programs and the running of The Global Adventure                                  Company
      We're on Facebook                Safaris organization.                                                                                       Saturday, 6/15
     Check out our page                                                                                                                            Benefits of online pet food shopping
                                        It also provides our volunteers with food, accommodation, Transport and language                           Wednesday, 6/12
      Follow us on Twitter             courses. For more information on cost of volunteer programs and getting on board                            Become an Independent Driving school
      Read our tweets                  to make a difference see The Global Adventure Safaris web site at                            Sydney
         Advertisement                 your time with Maasai International Challenge Africa will be a truly wonderful
                                       experience in which it will stay with you and the people you touch forever.                                 Monday, 6/10
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           pain?                                                                                                                                   Enjoy family vacation at nature� s lap
 Learn how straightening up            We have many years of experience in organizing the adventure tours and travels                              Thursday, 6/06
     can ease your pain                now we offer Volunteering Tanzania and African Safari Tours. Maasai International                           Latest collection of Paving stones
 Chronic pain management               Challenge Africa offer affordable opportunities for individuals, students, Rwanda
                                       Safaris and gap-year students.                                                                          May 2013                                    Close
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