Mobilease Offers Solutions on whether it is Better to Lease or Buy?

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					Mobilease Offers Solutions on whether it is Better to Lease or Buy?

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When deciding to Lease or Buy then consult with Mobilease before making a decision

Online PR News – 11-June-2013 – Is it Better to Lease or Buy?

8 out of 10 United States companies choose leasing to acquire the equipment they need and 2 out to 3
pieces of equipment in the United States are purchased through a lease.

In today’s marketplace with cash flow worries, it makes more sense than ever to lease instead of purchase.
There is a safety valve in leasing by not tying up capital. Leasing provides the most financial flexibility by
allowing companies to preserve existing lines of credit while minimizing upfront costs. It also typically allows
for 100 percent financing of the asset, which can be an important aspect for growing companies. On the back
end of the term, it eliminates the risk of a risky used truck market and the potential depreciation losses that
can occur when it becomes necessary to dispose of the asset.

Mobilease not only offers a financing option, but they also provide Full Service Leasing. Full service leasing
allows companies to manage their business to set fixed costs each month from their fleet of vehicles that
remains consistent over the life of the vehicle. Offering value-added services such as managed maintenance
programs, fuel, insurance, registration, compliance management and consulting services allows Mobilease to
help companies stay focused on reducing the total life cycle costs.

The benefits of leasing vehicles and equipment are both financial and operational. Financially, a company
can preserve capital for other parts of its business that generate higher return. Operationally, leasing allows a
company to focus on core functions of its business. Leasing can provide considerable flexibility to meet
short-term and long term equipment needs and company goals of growth and profitability.

Businesses are concentrating on wise cash management, and leasing offers that solution. Time after time
Mobilease finds it easier to build a case in favor of leasing and rarely find any objections to it. What do these
8 of 10 businesses know? That leasing is truly the smartest way with the smallest outlay of upfront cash to

have the staying power to continue to operate with the right equipment to be on top of their game and run

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