Alternative Energy Taking Root Worldwide

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					Alternative Energy Taking Root Worldwide
Mankind has been laboring under the worry about alternative energy. Currently most of the energy
comes from fossil fuels and nuclear power.

Each comes with its own risks. Fossil fuels are liable to run out one day (leaving the large number of cars
and power plants hungry for energy).

They also pollute harmful chemicals into the breathable air, bringing unpredictable consequences.
Nuclear power, on the other hand, terrifies the public because of its radioactive properties.

Nuclear power requires special handling and is difficult to dispose of (as radiation doesn’t dissipate
overnight). If the world were to rely on nuclear energy, it would soon have no place to store it.

Sources of Alternative Energy
So engineers have been working their way through schematics and designs for alternative energy. Each
experiment has met its own success and limitations.

                                                    Electric, geothermal, solar, tidal, wind, and hydro
                                                    power are just a few examples. Ask an energy
                                                    supplier in Texas and you’ll get an opinion on each

                                                    Each type is clean, and each can be helpful. Check
                                                    out places around the world that have had success
                                                    with them around the world.

                                                    Germany adopted solar power generation to replace
                                                    nuclear power over the past decade. The sun’s rays
                                                    will hit the earth no matter what happens.

                                                    It’s not polluting the earth, nor is it hurting it in any
                                                    way. In fact, it’s because of the sun that life can exist
                                                    on earth.

So why not use it to sustain the electronic life as well. Solar energy technology has increased so much
over the past couple decades that it is able to provide sustainable energy for a cheaper cost than ever

Alternative Energy: Proof of Concept
Germany is catching on to this new energy source and loving it. As they’ve pulled solar power in, they’ve
pushed nuclear energy out, dropping from 31% of Germany’s electricity consumption back at the turn of
the century to just under 23% a decade later.
In England, the village of Gamlingay is celebrating the installation of a 33 meter diameter wind turbine.
Wind energy holds great potential as well.

Like a water wheel, just as long as the current keeps coming by, you’ll have electricity. The times the
wind stops are the days you’ll have to run off of reserves.

Wind energy only works consistently in windy places. Just look at Wyoming.

England’s not the only one interested in wind energy. Brittany is locking in a wind turbine of their own to
take advantage of their windy days.

There’s nothing quite like passively benefiting from the work of the world. Wind will blow one way or
another, why not transform that into energy?

Alternative energy is being adopted all over the world, in secret and in public. Energy suppliers in Texas
and around the world are keeping a close eye on these alternative styles of producing energy.

This is an exciting time to live in. Keep an eye on the market as engineers develop new and exciting ways
to take advantage of nature’s work for the good of mankind.

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