Band 5 - 850MHz Operators and UEs

					                                                Band 5 (850 MHz) – Operators and UEs

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Band 5 is at Frequency bands 824-849 MHz and 869-894 MHz, it’s FDD LTE band 5 and bandwideth at 25 MHz. It’s the refarming of GSM 850MHz and
most commonly deployed in North America and Latin America areas.

The 850MHz frequency provides a number of advantages for our customers. Because of the lower frequency (compared to other frequencies used on
the Vodafone network), 850MHz is able to better penetrate through obstacles - such as buildings. This improved signal strength means data can be
transmitted to a compatible device faster than when there is poor signal strength.

Band 5 Operators:
1.    Philippines, Smart, 2012.09
2.    USA, T-mobile
3.    Vodafone Australia

Band 5 Smartphones:
1.    Apple iPhone 5 A1429, cdma model, announced 2012.09.12
2.    Apple iPhone 5 A1429, gsm model, announced 2012.09.12
3.    Samsung Galaxy Mega i9205, FCC 2013.04.28
4.    Samsung Galaxy S4, announced 2013.03.15 (b5 for US market)

4G Dongles/Modem for Band 5:
1.    LG SD711
2.    Alcatel One Touch Link W800

4G Mobile routers for band 5:
1.    Modacom URoad-LTE ..2013.02..

4G CPE/gateway for band 5:
1.    Asiatelco ALR-W130 indoor CPE, ..2012.09..
2.    HUAWEI B593u Indoor CPE

4G LTE Module for band 5:
1.    ZTE ZM8620 Mini PCIe 4G LTE TDD/FDD Module

1.    Apple iPad mini A1455 (CDMA/GSM, b1,b3,b5,b13,b25), 2012.10

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