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									    Things You Can Do To Address Acne

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Acne affects a lot of individuals worldwide. Almost everyone had it at some time
in their life. Acne can cause permanent scars
and has the potential to hurt one’s self-

What causes acne?

Acne can be caused by a variety of factors,
but in general, it occurs when pores become
blocked by sebum, dirt, and dead cells. The
plug can be infected and inflamed and consequently produce red bumps we call
pimples. Hormonal changes associated with teenage life, menstrual periods,
pregnancy, stress, or underlying health conditions may make the skin produce
more oil and thus more prone to acne. Putting on greasy cosmetic and hair products
could also trigger acne. Acne outbreaks may crop up as a side effect of using
particular medicines, like steroids. Genetics also dictates how susceptible you are
to acne. If your parents had frequent bouts with acne, you may have a similar

Dealing with acne is not just the treatments you put on your skin. The skin is easily
impacted by our lifestyle, food intake and the environment we expose it to.

Tips to help you avoid and reduce acne


Stress boosts glucocorticoid production which can result in irregularities in skin
structure and function, and thus aggravate issues just like acne. Look for ways to

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manage your stress levels and make sure to have
the recommended hours of sleep every night.

Avoid foods with high glycemic index

If you are susceptible to acne, lower your intake
of   foods   that      are   made   with   refined
carbohydrates. Examples of these are bread, pasta, pastries and white rice. It is
believed that food that elevates blood sugar also increases hormones which trigger
oil production, which in turn will exacerbate acne.


Physical activity will help enhance cell oxygenation. It also helps rid your body of
toxins and boosts your immune system. Exercise will also help you lessen stress.

Cleanse twice a day

Clean your face twice daily using a non-comedogenic cleanser. This will help keep
your pores from being clogged. Even when your skin is oily, you still need to use a
moisturizer, but choose one created for oily skin. Using an exfoliant once a week
can also be helpful.

Consider using ClearPores

ClearPores is an acne treatment system which includes a deep facial cleanser and
oil-free moisturizing cream. What makes it unique from other acne remedies
though is that it helps you fight acne inside out through a 100% natural herbal
supplement which willwhich helps eliminate toxins, enhance immunity, and reduce
natural oil production. Find reviews about clearpores herbal supplement here.

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