PPAI Product Safety Summit 2012 - The PPAI Expo by hcj


									     Product Safety and Regulatory Compliance
       for the Promotional Products Industry

We Get the Basics. How Do We Put it into Practice?

              An Interactive Workshop on
        Implementing Best Practices to
    Protect our Businesses and our Industry

                                           Product Safety 201
                                                January 15, 2013

• Interactive discussion on how colleagues of varied sizes are implementing
  product safety, regulatory compliance and responsible sourcing practices in their
  companies – and how they are working to change the culture.

• Discuss the key challenges our industry faces in trying to comply with CPSIA and
  to suggest some best practices that can help.

• Identify best product responsibility practices you can adopt in to protect your
  business, your clients and the Industry.

• Identify resources that can help, such as PPAI and it’s lab partner UL-STR

                                                            Product Safety 201
                                                                    January 15, 2013
          Meet our All Star Industry Panel

                                                                                                                        Rick Brenner, MAS

David Geiger   Anne Lardner-Stone   Leeton Lee, Esq.   Larry Whitney       Caryn Stoll        Wayne Greenberg, MAS
   Geiger             PPAI            ETS Express      Polyconcept NA   Freestyle Marketing     JB of Florida/Geiger

                                                                                                    Product Safety 201
                                                                                                                 January 15, 2013
And Special Thanks to PPAI’s Expert Lab Partner

                     Sue DeRagon

                                   Product Safety 201
                                        January 15, 2013
                         Today’s Format
Interactive and participatory discussion
 •   We welcome questions as we go along, rather than at the end
 •   Please participate in the discussion. Share your experiences.
 •   No negative experiences by vendor name please.
 •   If you a question don’t be afraid to ask
 •   This is your workshop. Take advantage of panels knowledge and experience.
 •   We may “park” a question if it will be covered later

Be brief and to the point so we can cover a lot
 • We can revisit topics if we have time at the end
 • Please don’t be offended if I interrupt to move the discussion forward

Questions are intended to raise awareness of issues
  • Not intended to endorse a particular company’s policies
  • Choose the policies that make sense for your company

                                                          Product Safety 201
                                                                 January 15, 2013
        Where it All Began…….

The Summer of Recalls - 2007

                                Product Safety 201
                                     January 15, 2013
                        The Result….
• Heightened awareness of risks of imported products
• Far reaching new state and federal legislation
• Complicated and often ambiguous regulations
• Four years of “guidance” from CPSC - trying to explain what
  CPSIA means and how it affects our industry.
• Major industry initiatives by PPAI, by suppliers and distributors
  to develop and implement compliance programs, educate
  colleagues and customers, and to change the culture regarding
  product safety, compliance and responsible sourcing.

                                                Product Safety 201
                                                      January 15, 2013
     Product Responsibility

• Product safety
•   Regulatory compliance
•   Social accountability
•   Environmental stewardship
•   Supply chain security

                           Product Safety 201
                                January 15, 2013
Establishing a Product Responsibility Program

• Do you have a formal product
  responsibility process in your company?
• What does it include?
• How did you get started?
• What are some challenges you’ve had and
  how have you overcome them?

                                Product Safety 201
                                     January 15, 2013
             Distributor Sales Calls

• What should a distributor learn in a client meeting?
   – Intended audience?
   – Testing standards – compliance requirements?
• Does it risk the order?
   – How do you mitigate that?
• Does this information impact product or vendor
• What about Internet orders?

                                          Product Safety 201
                                               January 15, 2013
       Suppliers and Distributors

Would you risk a $10,000 order to raise product
safety questions?

                                    Product Safety 201
                                         January 15, 2013
    Suppliers: Educating the Team

Is this product OK for children?
  (or any similar compliance question)
Who can reliably answer that question?
  CSR?, Sales rep?, Compliance person?

Who can technically answer that question?

                                         Product Safety 201
                                              January 15, 2013
       Suppliers: Product Strategy

• What is your blanks/children’s product
  policy? How do you communicate that
  to distributors?

• Do you have a process to protect against
  applying a juvenile imprint to a product
  without third party testing?

                                    Product Safety 201
                                         January 15, 2013
         Suppliers: Test Reports

• How do you determine what products to test
  and what tests to perform?
• How do you communicate this to your staff
  and to distributors?
• What process do you use to keep up-to-date
  with third party tests?
• How often do you update third-party tests?
• Do you perform interim testing?

                                  Product Safety 201
                                       January 15, 2013
       Distributors: Test Reports

• Do you have a process for obtaining test
  reports from suppliers?
• How do you educate your staff on how to
  read the reports?

                                    Product Safety 201
                                         January 15, 2013
          General Use Products

• Is compliance enough for promotional
• What are the risks?

                                   Product Safety 201
                                         January 15, 2013
    Distributor’s Decorating Apparel
CPSC considers distributors who purchase blank goods
and send them out for decoration as manufacturers.
Recently the CPSC general counsel issued guidance
requiring “an appropriate level of due care” to verify
that the inks are compliant.

How is your company dealing with this responsibility?
How do handle the requirement for a second tracking

                                           Product Safety 201
                                                January 15, 2013
Challenges for Distributors Who Contract for Decoration of Children’s Products
                      “An Appropriate Level of Due Care”

                                                       Product Safety 201
                                                             January 15, 2013
               Trusted Advisor

Is product safety/responsible sourcing an
opportunity to create a stronger relationship with
your customer?

Is this a value add or has it become the minimum
requirement for access?

                                     Product Safety 201
                                          January 15, 2013
           Recall Preparedness

Is your company prepared for a recall?

What are the issues?

How did you create the plan?

                                     Product Safety 201
                                          January 15, 2013
            Social Accountability

There is a great deal of publicity about working
conditions in factories overseas.

Do you have specific business requirements
dealing with social accountability?

Is it realistic for us to be able to impact factory

                                         Product Safety 201
                                              January 15, 2013
              PPAI Resources

Do you take advantage of PPAI Product
Responsibilty resources?
   Webinars/Best Practices/Turbo Test

Are there other ways PPAI could help you?

                                    Product Safety 201
                                         January 15, 2013
                  Supplier or Distributor
          10 Things We All Must Do
1. Know the laws/regulations (or have a good resource)
2. Know your product (supplier, primarily)
3. Know your supplier
4. Know your client
5. Know your intended audience
6. Know the risks – regulatory, safety, PR
7. Educate the team
8. Stay current (Buckyballs, John Deere, 600-100/90, F963-11)
9. Instill a product safety culture in your company
10.Protect the industry

                                            Product Safety 201
                                               23 January 15, 2013
Thank You!

             Product Safety 201
                  January 15, 2013

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