Presentation to Agricultural CEO Forum 17 July 2012

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1. FishSA’s recent activities
    Participation at DAFF’s CEO Forum
    Participation at Steering Committee of CEO’s Forum
    Introductory meeting with Acting DDG Ceba Mtoba
    Marine Phosphate Mining update
    Merchant Shipping Act
2. Key Challenges for FishSA
3. Draft Budget
FishSA – Recent Activities
 Participation at DAFF CEO’s Forum in presence of
  Minister, Director General & Deputy Director General
   Formal introduction and acknowledgement of FishSA
   Dispel view amongst senior officials that fishing industry is
    disorganised, fragmented and difficult to engage
   Key issues tabled:
    o   Long term rights policy review process
    o   Small scale policy implementation
    o   Concerns relating to research and compliance
   Invited to join SteerCom of CEO’s Forum
FishSA – Recent Activities (cont)
 Steering Committee of the CEO’s Forum
    Key issues tabled:
    o   Long term rights policy review process
    o   Small scale policy
    o   Research and patrol vessels
    o   Threat of marine phosphate mining
   DDG tasked to engage with industry and provide feedback
   FishSA’s concerns properly minuted to ensure
    accountability and continuous engagement with DAFF
    regardless of staff movements
FishSA – Recent Activities (cont)
 Introductory meeting with the Acting Deputy Director-
 General of DAFF: Fisheries – Ceba Mtoba
   Acknowledges FishSA as body to engage with
   Agenda set for future discussions
   Further meetings planned between DDG, Fisheries
    management and FishSA ManCom
   Research vessel Africana – DDG committed to sailing date
    of 15 October 2012 – DDG agreed contingency plan to be
    in place in case of delays – however not approved yet by DG
    (sailed on 23 October)
FishSA – Recent Activities (cont)
 Participation in Marine Phosphate mining debate
     Submission by Marius Diemont of WWB blocking the issuing of prospecting
      rights due to non-compliance by mining applicants; await decision at next
      REMDEC meeting 31/10/12
    SAMSA engagement
    Engaging SAMSA with regards to FishSA obtaining Board membership in the
    next Board nomination process.

 Alignment with the Merchant Shipping Act (MSA)
     Ensure MSA text is aligned with fishing industry requirements

 11 Sept 2012 – Observer attendance at DAFF Portfolio Committee meeting;
  integration of Fisheries into DAFF

 Key issue noted: Possibility of DDG and CD’s relocating to Pretoria
Key Challenges facing FishSA
 Change in Acting DDG: Fisheries –restart process of
 Slow progress in dealing with members’ expectations
 Limited financial resources
 Response from DAFF non-existent, slow and irregular
 Limited lobbying capability (government)
 Need for appropriate branding and communication of FishSA
  role for fora outside of fishing industry.
   Tue, 6 Nov 2012
   09:30-12:45
 Briefing by DAFF on the following:
 the plans for the allocation of long term fishing rights
 implementation plans of the small-scale fisheries policy
 progress made on the Stock Recovery Strategy for Hake, Abalone, West
  Coast Rock Lobster and Linefish, Squid etc.
 Briefing by the DAFF, Department of Environment and Water Affairs and
  the Navy on the latest development regarding the status of patrolling
  vessels in Simonstown
 Briefing by the DAFF on the Report on Phase 1 in respect of the Forensic
  Investigation into possible irregularities related to contracts and contract
  extensions awarded to Smit Amandla Marine (Pty) Ltd
 21 Nov – attend second steering comm of CEO’s Forum
 Secretarial Fees                Rands per    Rands per
                                 month        annum
 Executive Director                  25,000       300,000
 Office, Admin (R12 000 + VAT)       13,680       164,160

 Travel                               3,700        44,400
 Legal Fees                           1,000        12,000
 Website/email/support                  350         4,200
 Cell Phone                           1,000        12,000
 Stationery                             100         1,200

 TOTAL ESTIMATED COSTS               44,830       537,960

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