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									2012-2013 Volunteer State Book
      Award Nominees

         Primary Division
            Grades K-2
Mr. Putney's Quacking Dog
       by Jon Agee
             • Riddles and puns
               abound in this book
               about Mr. Putney’s
               peculiar animal friends.
     The Plot Chickens
by Mary Jane and Herm Auch
             • Henrietta the chicken
               loves to read so much
               that she decides to write
               a book herself, but first no
               one will publish a book
               written by a chicken, and
               then, when she publishes
               it herself and it gets a
               terrible review in "The
               Corn Book," Henrietta is
                  L M N O Peas
                 by Keith Baker
• In this alphabet book,
  busy little peas
  introduce their favorite
  occupations, from
  astronaut to zoologist.
 Miss Brooks Loves Books (and I Don’t) by
Barbara Bottner, Illustrated Michael Emberly
 • A first-grade girl
   stubbornly resists her
   school librarian's efforts
   to convince her to love
   books until she finds
   one that might change
   her mind.
Nubs by Brian Dennis, Kirby Lawson,
        and Mary Nethery
                  • This true story chronicles
                    the friendship between
                    Marine Major Brian
                    Dennis and Nubs, a pack
                    leader of wild dogs in Iraq
                    who bonded with Dennis,
                    but when Dennis was
                    relocated seventy miles
                    away and could not bring
                    the dog with him, Nubs
                    traveled across the
                    freezing desert to find his
                    human friend.
The Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen,
      Illustrated by Dan Hanna
                   • The pout-pout fish
                     believes he only knows
                     how to frown, even
                     though many of his
                     friends suggest ways to
                     change his expression,
                     until one day a fish
                     comes along that shows
                     him otherwise.
  My Name is not Isabella by Jennifer
  Fosberry, Illustrated by Mike Litwin
• From breakfast to
  bedtime, a young girl
  imagines being different
  women who made
  history, and ends the
  day empowered to be
  Duck for Turkey Day by Jacqueline Jules,
       Illustrated by Kathryn Mitter

• When Tuyet finds out
  that her Vietnamese
  family is having duck
  rather than turkey for
  Thanksgiving dinner,
  she is upset until she
  finds out that other
  children in her class did
  not eat turkey either.
Meet the Dogs of Bedlam Farm
         by Jon Katz
              • This book contains
                photographs and true
                stories of Rose, Izzy,
                Frieda, and Lenore, four
                dogs that perform
                various jobs on Bedlam
     Crow Call by Lois Lowry
Illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline
                 • Nine-year-old Liz
                   accompanies the
                   stranger who is her
                   father, just returned
                   from the war, when he
                   goes hunting for crows
                   in Pennsylvania
    Wonder Horse
by Emily Arnold McCully
            • A fictionalized account of
              Bill "Doc" Key, a former
              slave who became a
              veterinarian, trained his
              horse, Jim Key, to
              recognize letters and
              numbers and to perform
              in skits around the
              country, and moved the
              nation toward a belief in
              treating animals
          Even Monsters Need Haircuts
             by Matthew McElligott
• At night under a full
  moon, a child operates
  a barber shop with a
  monstrous clientele.
Of Thee I Sing by Barack Obama,
   Illustrations by Loren Long
                • In a letter to his
                  daughters, Barack
                  Obama reflects on the
                  traits of thirteen
                  Americans, such as
                  Georgia O'Keeffe, Jackie
                  Robinson, and George
                  Washington, and shares
                  how children embody
by Kathryn Otoshi
         • Zero, dismayed by her
           big, empty, roundness,
           tries to force herself
           into the shape of the
           much-admired One, but
           must finally accept that
           she can only be Zero.
            The Junkyard Wonders
              by Patricia Polacco
• Inspired by a teacher
  who believes each of
  them is a genius, a class
  of special-needs
  students invents
  something that could
  convince the whole
  school they are
  justifiably proud to be
  "Junkyard Wonders."
        Guyku: A Year of Haiku for Boys
    by Bob Raczka, Illustrations by Peter Reynold
• A collection of haiku
  poetry for boys that
  features poems about
  tree-climbing, kite-
  flying, and other related
               The Rain School
              by James Rumford
• The children arrive on
  the first day of school
  and build a mud
  structure to be their
  classroom for the next
  nine months until the
  rainy season comes and
  washes it all away.
            Interrupting Chicken
             by David Ezra Stein
• Little Red Chicken wants
  Papa to read her a
  bedtime story, but
  interrupts him almost
  as soon as he begins
  each tale.
                by Bill Thompson
• Three children who go
  to a park on a rainy day,
  find some chalk, and
  draw pictures that
  come to life.
  Art and Max
by David Wiesner
        • Max wants to be an
          artist like Arthur, but his
          first attempt at using a
          paintbrush sends the
          two friends on a
          whirlwind trip through
          various media, with

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