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									  Ranibizumab - Key patent, SPC, and data exclusivity expiry (7
                      country coverage)
Aarkstore Enterprise (India), 20th June , 2013 : Pipeline Selector helps you avoid hours
of painstaking reserach by quickly providing you with an accurate snapshot of a single INN,
including key patents, extensions and data exclusivity expiry for 7 countries (44 country
coverage also available), regulatory issues and key players.

This Pipeline Selector report covers Ranibizumab

Examples of information found in this online report include:
# Includes key patent publications for 7 countries (see list below)
# Contains SPC protection for every EU state plus patent term extensions in other countries
# Data exclusivity calculated on a country by country basis
# Summary of dosage forms, strengths, indications and active ingredient forms of the brand
# DMF & Paragraph IV filings
# Litigation alerts
# Marketing authorisation holders in selected territories
# Patent risk analysis via graphical display of data from patent filings
# Hyper-linking to crucial patent documents and national registries enabling data

The Key Patent Indicator enables easy identification of key patent, SPC and data protection
expiry information covering 7 countries, including extension details (SPC and national
law)(also available with 44 country coverage):

Pipeline Selector 7 Country Coverage:

Country Region Extensions
Australia Asia-Pacific S70
Canada Americas N/A
USA Americas S156
Germany Western Europe SPC
Great Britain Western Europe SPCS
France Western Europe NAT/SPC
Spain Western Europe SPC

Other key information contained in the report:

# Summary of dosage forms, strengths, indications and active ingredient forms of the brand
product in major countries**.
# News articles
# Litigation alerts
# Marketing authorisation holders for Great Britain, the United States, Canada and Australia
enable you to see who is active in the market.
# US Drug Master Files, providing valuable information to help source active ingredients and
keep an eye on competitors.
# Paragraph IV filing; details of US ANDAs filed with a Paragraph IV certification allow easy
determination of who the first movers are for a particular generic product in the US.
# Patent Risk Analysis section containing three graphical displays of data drawn from known
patent filings to provide valuable competitor insight and development information***.

*Key Patent Indicator
The Key Patent Indicator section is intended only to provide an indication of the Key Patents
pertaining to a generic drug, and is not based on a comprehensive patent search (a
comprehensive patent search can be found in the corresponding Pipeline Selector report).

**General Drug Information
Information contained in General Indications and Brand Product Attributes is based on
products containing the active pharmaceutical ingredient, which are currently registered in
Australia, UK and the USA. Indications are summarised where appropriate and may vary
between individual countries.

***Patent Risk Analysis
The three graphical analyses are based on data contained in our Pipeline Selector
comprehensive patent search, and thus are subject to its scope and limitations. These
graphics are intended to provide only a summary of the patent filings; specific details of the
filings should be investigated through the use of the Pipeline Selector reports.

Pipeline Selector is just one of the benchmark products from Company Pipeline Patent
Intelligence product suite.

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