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WRIGLEY FIELD DEAL                                                                                                        BULLS 102, MAGIC 84

Ricketts                                                                                                                  Back
shows                                                          We are                                                     and
faith                                                                                                                     going
to city
Time for Wrigleyville
residents to let Cubs
                                                                                                                          Noah, Gibson play
chairman run business
        David Haugh
                                                               We are                                                     without pain with
    In the Wake of the News
   In a dim corridor Monday
                                                               Chicago                                                    playoffs looming
                                                                                                                          By K.C. Johnson
along the third-base side of                                                                                              Tribune reporter
Wrigley Field, about 30 feet
away from a restroom still                                                                                                    ORLANDO, Fla. — A season
equipped with troughs and a                                                                                               filled with uncertainty will
wall holding pay phones, Cubs                                                                                             close with this dose of clarity:
Chairman Tom Ricketts out-                                                                                                The Bulls won’t know their
lined the tentative deal struck                                                                                           first-round playoff opponent
to renovate the rickety 99-year-                                                                                          until Wednesday’s season fina-
old ballpark.                                                                                                             le.
   The makeshift, relatively                                                                                                  That’s because the Bulls de-
primitive setting provided the                                                                                            feated the hapless Magic 102-84
perfect symbolism for Wrigley’s
imperfections that make pour-
ing $500 million of Ricketts
                                                               We are                                                     on Monday night as Joakim
                                                                                                                          Noah and Taj Gibson returned
                                                                                                                          to test their recoveries from
money into a community proj-
ect so sensible and necessary.
   Whether the Cubs need to
place a 6,000-square-foot video
                                                               Chicago                                                    injury and coach Tom Thibo-
                                                                                                                          deau said it’s “a possibility” both
                                                                                                                          will be on minutes limits at the
                                                                                                                          start of the posteason.
board in left field or expand the                                                                                             The victory pulled the Bulls
footprint of the stadium by 10                                                                                            to within a half-game of the
feet to preserve rooftop views                                                                                            Hawks for fifth place in the
now will be debated in public                                                                                             Eastern Conference. The
hearings and City Council                                                                                                 Hawks close Tuesday at home
meetings. What began as Rick-                                                                                             against the Raptors and
etts’ grand plan to upgrade a                                                                                             Wednesday at the Knicks.
dilapidated facility that makes                                                                                               If the Hawks split or lose
winning a World Series even                                                                                               their final two games and the
more challenging for a woebe-
gone baseball team effectively
has become a citywide refer-
                                                               We are                                                     Bulls defeat the Wizards at
                                                                                                                          home Wednesday, they will
                                                                                                                          claim the fifth seed and open
endum on the Cubs.
   “I always believed and still
believe it’s in everyone’s best
interest to do what’s right for
                                                               Chicago                                                    the playoffs in Brooklyn. Simi-
                                                                                                                          larly, if the Hawks lose both
                                                                                                                          games and the Bulls lose on
                                                                                                                          Wednesday, they will earn the
Wrigley Field,’’ Ricketts said.                                                                                           fifth seed via a tiebreaker.
“Not only economically, but it’s                                                                                              If the Hawks win out, the
a special place and has a special                                                                                         Bulls will open at Indiana re-
role in baseball history.’’                                                                                               gardless of what they do
                                                                                                                          Wednesday. Similarly, if the
Please turn to Page 5                                                                                                     Hawks split their final two
                                                                                                                          games and the Bulls lose
                                                                                                                          Wednesday, the Bulls draw the
More inside                                                                                                               Pacers.
Paul Sullivan, Phil Rogers weigh
in on deal. Page 3                                                                                                        Please turn to Page 5

BLUE JAYS 4,                                                                                                              BLACKHAWKS 5,
                                                               We are                                                     STARS 2

Buehrle                                                        Chicago                                                    Hawks
gets key                                                                                                                  staying
K, picks                                                                                                                  on the
up a W                                       We are like you. We know that sports are
                                             often the ties that hold us together, that
Punches out Konerko                          give us a way to talk about the things we
                                                                                                                          Close in on top seed
in 5th, bests Floyd to                                                                                                    with 6th straight win,
                                             care about when other words fail. We know
conquer former team                                                                                                       keep Stars on outside
                                             sports can be fun — even in losing. Boy,
By Mark Gonzales                                                                                                          By Chris Kuc
Tribune reporter                             do we know. We know that anybody who                                         Tribune reporter
                                             says it doesn’t matter whether the Cubs or
   TORONTO — Mark Buehrle                                                                                                    They hit the ice while sitting
used the words “weird” and                   Sox are in the World Series so long as it’s                                  at different ends of the Western
“crazy” to describe facing a                                                                                              Conference playoff spectrum.
White Sox team he was a
                                             a Chicago team isn’t truly a fan of either                                      The Blackhawks have their
member of for 12 memorable                   team. We know. But on Monday, we were                                        sights set on securing the top
seasons.                                                                                                                  spot and the Stars are fighting
   Those words also fit the latest           reminded again how fragile it all can be.                                    for their postseason lives. When
misfortunes of the Sox, who                  The explosions and injuries and death at a                                   all was said and done Monday
failed to deliver a knockout                                                                                              night, it was the Hawks who
punch and fell to Buehrle and                world-class sporting event such as the Boston                                displayed desperation when the
the Blue Jays 4-3 for their sixth                                                                                         game was on the line and skated
loss in seven games on their
                                             Marathon make us heartsick. As much as                                       to a 5-2 victory over Dallas
10-game trip.                                it is anathema for a Chicago fan to root for                                 before a crowd of 21,986 at the
   As he did for most of his 161                                                                                          United Center.
wins with the Sox from 2000 to               any other town — especially Beantown and                                        The win was the Hawks’
2011, Buehrle relied on his                  all of its championship rings — here we are.                                 sixth straight and gave them an
crafty pitching to work out of                                                                                            NHL-high 70 points with six
jams. His signature moment                                Hang in there, Boston.                                          games remaining. They are
occurred with two outs in the                                                                                             closing in on clinching the No. 1
fifth inning when he struck out                                                                                           seed in the conference and also
longtime friend Paul Konerko                                                                                              the Presidents’ Trophy, given to
on a full count with two on.                                                                                              the team that finishes with the
   Konerko had hit an RBI                  FULL COVERAGE OF THE BOMBINGS IN BOSTON. SEC 1, PAGE 1                         most points in the league.
single and lined to left in his first    ELITE RUNNERS FINISHED BEFORE BOMBS WENT OFF. BACK PAGE                             Marian Hossa had an empty-
two at-bats but wasn’t too                                                                                                net goal and two assists, Jona-
happy about a 2-1 pitch on the                                                                                            than Toews and Andrew Shaw
outside corner that was called a                                                                                          each had a goal and an assist
strike by plate umpire Tony                                     STEVE ROSENBLOOM                                          while Viktor Stalberg and Nik-
Randazzo.                                 Boston Marathon runners reportedly crossed the finish line                       las Hjalmarsson also scored.
   “I had the at-bat I wanted to                                                                                          Goaltender Ray Emery made 16
have,” Konerko said. “I had a 2-1          and continued to Massachusetts General Hospital to give                        saves to help the Hawks im-
pitch that was ... whatever. So             blood to victims of the bombings. Personal best, indeed.                      prove to 33-5-4 after winning on
sometimes you’ve got two                                       More Rosenbloom, Page 2                                    back-to-back nights.
choices. You stand up there and                                                                                              “We stuck to our game,” said
strike out looking, or you swing                                                                                          Shaw, who scored the winning
the bat on a pitch you don’t                                                                                              goal shortly after the Stars had
want to swing at or don’t have                                                                                            tied it at 2-2 early in the third
to. That’s the moral of the story.”                                                                                       period. “We played solid de-

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