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									                          The Empire State Building: American Icon

 When the Empire State Building was started in 1929 and completed in 1932 it was done to create
the Worlds tallest building, which it was for most of its first 40 years, when it was toppled from that
designation in 1972 when the World Trade Center was completed. After the WTC fell in 2001, it
regained some of its Iconic power over the skyline of New York City, only to once again be
towered by the New World Trade Center in 2012.

The Empire State Building was more than just a really tall building. It became a symbol of New
York no-how and American can-do. The iconic profile of the building with its Art Deco top feature is
one of the most recognizable buildings in the USA and around the world. In fact, it is not only a
New York state Landmark, it is also on the list of National Landmarks (1988) and it is listed in the
National Register of Historic Places.

Most skyscrapers are merely locations to go to work day after day. However, when the Empire
State building was designed by William F. Lamb it was done so with the intent to build something
grand and amazing. When it was completed a mere 15 months after it was started, it was the only
building in the world with more than 100 floors (it has 102) and it was built for city visitors to view
the skyline of New York from a platform, which was in the design from the start. It was also built to
be a point of arrival for passengers in dirigibles, but that idea had to be scrapped when it was
deemed unsafe to land due to extreme updrafts that were caused by the canyon effect of the tall

The construction of the building involved 3,400 workers, many of whom were new immigrants from
Europe. Many of the ironworkers were of the Mohawk Indian Nation from nearby Kahnawake
reserve, near Montreal. Of those 3,400 workers, four were killed in the job from falls or other
accidents and one was listed as a suicide after he was laid off.
The Empire State building got its name from the State of New Yorks nickname, which is The
Empire State. No one really knows why this is New Yorks nickname; it seems to fit perfectly
considering its status in American finance and resources.

Although it is now the 3rd tallest building in the USA and the 22nd tallest in the World, it is still one
of the most recognizable structures built in America. It has been used as back drops in films and
even became a featured star in King Kong. The Art Deco structure at the top of the building along
with the tall spire at the very top is recognized by school children around the world. The American
Society of Civil Engineers lists it as one of the 7 Wonders of the World. It has stood the test of time
in American history to make New Yorkers proud.

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