Benefits of E-filing Form 2290 HVUT for Truck Drivers

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					     Benefits of E-filing Form 2290 HVUT for Truck

What is HVUT and its importance?
HVUT is the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax that is levied on all intrastate and interstate
vehicles that have a combined weight of 55000 pounds on the minimum. This tax
was proposed by the American Association of State Highways officials after it was
established that most of the damage on the American roads was attributable to the
heavy trucks. By levying this tax, the use of extremely heavy trucks would be
discouraged and also the income obtained goes into maintaining a majority of the
highways. Other uses to which the truck taxes have been put include highway law
enforcement programs and maintenance of road structures such as bridges that are
susceptible to damage by heavy trucks. In determining the weight for truck tax, the
                                             total weight should be the tractor,
                                             trailer and maximum load.

                                               Benefits of e-filing-
                                               There are both paper filing and e-filing
                                               options for the form 2290 that is used
                                               to file for HVUT. By far, e-filing is one
                                               of the easiest, convenient and time-
                                               saving methods that you can use.
                                               Technology use has enabled tax return
processes that used to be lengthy and involving a simple affair that you can
accomplish at the click of buttons. We provide form 2290 for Heavy Vehicle Use Tax
Returns. Once you have completed and submitted your duly filled for 2290, you will
be notified of successful delivery and immediately your schedule one copy will also
be delivered by e-mail. There is little to no opportunity for errors and with our help
you are guaranteed that you letter will be delivered successfully.
If you operate many heavy weight vehicles, then e-filing will be very instrumental
in saving you time. More specifically, if you have more than 25 such trucks, it is
mandatory to file your returns for truck tax electronically.

Essential documents

The first document you will need is your Employee Identification number which also
doubles as the Federal Tax Identification number which is issued by IRS. Another
crucial ID is your truck identification number which will help identify the total and
the taxable weight of your truck which is a combination of tractor, trailer and
maximum load weight. You will also need to know your month first used, meaning
the month your truck was put on the road or purchased. You may also be required
to give the total mileage left for the year if your vehicle has been suspended.
Benefits of e-filing form 2290 HVUT with

Filing form 2290 HVUT can be a hectic process and it requires dedicated consultants
to help you with the nitty gritty. That is exactly what we will do. First off, we can
take care of all your truck tax obligations for you from obtaining, filling, submitting
and duly taking care of any other follow ups. We are available round the clock and
provide live chat through which we can communicate anytime. We also guarantee
security of your documents by instituting encrypted channels for document
transfers and communication lines. Finally, there are no upfront fees and you only
pay after you are satisfied with the service. Visit and
find out how you can easily file your truck tax online.

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