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									Neymar supports the protests in his country

The player of FC Barcelona and Brazil international Neymar has positioned this
Wednesday in favor of the protests of his countrymen in the streets, he lamented that
manifest needed to ask for better transport, health, education and security, and has
ensured that FIFA 13 Coins guided by the protesters and their demands for better play
with Brazil in the Confederations Cup.
"I'm sorry for everything that is happening in Brazil. Always had faith that it would be
necessary to reach the point of 'take to the streets' to demand better conditions of
transport, health, education and safety, this is all government OBLIGATION. Want
Brazil more fairer, safer, healthier and more honest! "said Neymar in a publication of
the Brazilian flag on his FIFA Ultimate Team Coins account.
In this sense, the footballer denies wanting to demagogue by having successful and
media, but also ensures that wants the best for his countrymen, and recalled that his
parents had to work very hard to give him and his sister a minimum quality of life that
does not want to miss. "Thanks to the success that you give me, raise the flag of
demonstrations throughout Brazil might seem but it is demagoguery.'m Brazilian and
I love my country! I have family and friends living in Brazil, and the only way I have
to represent and defend Brazil is on the field, playing football. Starting the game
against Mexico, entered the field inspired by this movement ... # TamoJunto (we are
together), "he added.
The protests began a week ago in the city of Sao Paulo against rising freight rates, but
have spread and show a general social cheap fifa 13 ultimate team coins discontent,
until now public, in almost all of Brazil. Protesters calling for greater investment in
public health and education, and criticize the corruption, waste of public resources
and the high costs of government to organize events such as the 2014 World Cup.

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