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					Dead Island Riptide Analysis

Zombies have never been so fashionable. I still remember when they were only
referred to in the song of Cranberries - which betrays my age. Obviously, the theme
music was another, but I never forgot the words sung by the voice of Dolores.
Nowadays the topic massified up and everyone tries to capitalize on each RS Gold
product launched. Video games, of course, are no exception.

Inserted in the subject's release of Dead Island in 2011. Despite being far from
fulfilling what he promised us several videos leading up to its launch, the game still
won the critics and a fairly wide audience within the community. Now, a little less
than two years later, here comes the market Dead Island: Riptide, headed by producer
as a "spin off" and not as a sequel. Several hundred degolaç es then here is our

The story of Riptide relegates the novelty factor for a secondary and try to play the
second, focusing on the proven formula of the first game. The game starts where the
previous one ended, pouring the Cheap RS Gold group of survivors in Palanai, a new
island infested with zombies. As becomes obvious after reading just these two lines of
text, will have to fight for your life again, using everything you have at your disposal
to annihilate the species occupying the new game scenario as if they were wild

It is precisely the group of survivors is one of the novelties introduced by Riptide:
John Morgan, the ex-soldier who is the new playable character. Besides John, the cast
consists of repeating the first Cheap GW2 Gold game, ie, we have our choice: Xian
Mei, Sam B, Logan Carter and Purna. Again, the player's choice is based on the
unique abilities of each character.

Once elected the skin that we wear, the gameplay remains unchanged from the first
game of the series, ie, we have to get around the island looking for goods and
weapons to better annihilating those who want to destroy us, fight endless battles and
use experience gained to raise the level of the character. Along the way we alotando
new skills for turning the strengths and weaknesses of the character to better reflect
what we want to do it. That is, we continue to be faced with a Role Playing Game
with the undead.

The biggest problem for Riptide is that the fact that we can not erase the memory of
the original D3 Gold game, ie, it is impossible not to move the game without put
aside the idea that we are doing all this for the second time. The list of new features
included in Riptide is too scarce to keep alive the novelty and motivation.

Still, one of the features that is coming back is the possibility of sharing our stay on
the island with up to three other players online. It is undoubtedly the best way to get
through Riptide. After spending several hours to share the adventure with others, I
believe I have discovered why the game become more tolerable as well: how we
entertained engender attacks and defenses of the territory as we try to help our
brothers in arms, we fail to notice the recycling content made by the producer. If I
belonged to Techland's marketing team, you can be sure that this was the feature that I
posed Featured on the cover. Playing with strangers is fun, but find a group of friends
with the game and will see what fun is guaranteed.

Even the ground, no one can complain about the lack of content. Palanai is a huge
play area with various scenarios waiting to be explored and some new zombies in the
series. Riptide is an open world RS 2007 Gold game unfolded and takes advantage of
this by offering several secondary activities that prolong the longevity of the game for
dozens of hours. However, we have reported the same problem persists: there is
nothing true revolutionary that makes us want to peek at what's on the other side of
the island, or nothing new that motivates us to explore every nook and corner of the
pitch. Riptide could have been something much more interesting if the producer was
not committed to spending the carbon paper what worked (and failed) in the original
game. As you can easily notice the lack of news is something across the whole game
and just forgotten due to the multiplayer fun we play with other players in the flesh.

Even if we focus only on the details, there is much to be done. Over time they
discover schemes to build new weapons, which helps to diversify the way they kill the

The grandeur of the playing area does not take long to be pointed out in more
technical fields. The graphics are not anything remarkable, and several times, is
betrayed by having to feed so great a scenario. There are textures too slow, problems
with the framerate and some areas of play RS money without great detail, which
makes transpire sloppy work or a wrong use of the capabilities of the console, in this
case the Xbox 360. The video cut scenes that help explain the reason for our stay on
the island, besides being scarce, seem desenxabidas.

There is the sound effects that will change the way we look at Riptide. The
vocalization suffers from some breaks and suffers from lack of emotion. If I were
surrounded by zombies in an unknown island, may believe that emotion was not
something that was missing when he opened his mouth.

The truth is that Dead Island: Riptide could have been an excellent expansion to the
original game. Producer bet too much on the formula used in the first game and chose
to recycle rather than creating, what we see throughout our stay in Palanai. The big
star remains the Cheap age of Wushu Gold possibility we play until three other
players via online multiplayer, which by itself is unlikely to desembolsarmos € 49.99
for the PS3 version or Xbox 360 or € 39.99 for the PC version ordered . I honestly
think there is market for a Dead Island 2, assuming that only advantage is the crème
de la crè of the two inputs that are now on the market.

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