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									Practice with Objectives

          Jim Marshall
   San Diego State University
Parts of an Objective & Examples
   Audience - chefs-in-training
   Behavior - turn a radish into a rose
   Conditions - on a pitching ship, with a
    paring knife, in dim light
   Degree/Criteria - in <30 seconds and
    to the applause of customers
Requirements for Objectives
Objectives should:
   be stated from an INDIVIDUAL LEARNER'S
    point of view, NOT the teacher's or
   state what knowledge, skills, or attitudes
    (outcomes) a learner should have attained by
    the END of instruction, NOT the activities or
    lessons which occurred DURING the
   state the performance the learner is to attain
Common Errors
1. VASTNESS        Restating the goal
                   Too broad in scope
                   Must be reduced

2. COMPLEXITY      Includes more than one

3. WEAK CRITERIA   Criteria must be:
Error types
4. FALSE GIVENS       Statement of learning
                      setting or method

5. DOMAIN CONFUSION   Goal and objective must

6. EARNESTNESS        Promises too much
                      and not in behavioral
         Practice – Identify A, B, C and D
1.   Given a paragraph of at least three sentences but without a
     topic sentence, the student will be able to add one that
     satisfies Mr. Quartarraro, the English teacher.
2.   The student will be able to write a letter to the editor based
     on a news article assigned by the teacher which will have
     the five parts identified on p. 11.
3.   Given a request by a taxpayer and the tool provided by the
     IRS, the telephone assistor will be able to answer the
     question about residency status correctly in under 3 minutes
     and with an accuracy rate of 90%.
4.   For a given set of objectives, the professor will be able to
     write a test which matches on all four parts of an objective.
      Practice – Identify A, B, C and D
5.   Given the sales reference manual and question from a
     customer , the employee will be able to name the three
     most printers used most often with HP computers.
6.   Without the use of any job aids, the instructional
     designer will be able to define the term, “multimedia.”
7.   The secretary will choose to recycle computer paper each
     day when access to a recycling bin is within 50 feet of
     his/her workstation.
8.   Using results from a spreadsheet printout, the personnel
     manager will require fewer than 5 minutes to identify all
     employees who have failed to achieve their production
      What’s wrong? Make better.
1.   Given an email from a customer with a specific set of
     requirements, the new sales people will learn how to
     select the best product for this customer.
2.   Executives will take time to get to know all of their
3.   Without any materials for reference, the new trainee will
     be fully cognizant of all potential problems associated
     with trouble-shooting a malfunctioning workstation.
4.   After a scintillating class about ethics, the auditor will be
     able to compose an email that identifies potential
     auditing problems for a given company and audit.
For each goal, write an objective
1. The third grader will know how to write a
   short friendly letter.

2. The EDTEC graduate student will know how
   to create good behavioral objectives.

3. The first grader will know about the parts of
   the body.

4. The new immigrant will ‘get’ baseball.
For each goal, write an objective
5. The journalist-in-training will know how to
   write a headline.

6. The grad student will know how to research
   a potential employer.

7. The EDTEC graduate student will know how
   to ‘produce’ an appealing resume.
     How do you like these?
Label parts and improve where needed:

1.   Given a pile of life vests in various states of repair, the
     passengers will watch the educational video to learn
     how to put them on in >2 minutes so that they float
     when thrown in the water.

2.   The ship’s junior officers will be able to tell which life
     jackets need repair, and identify the nature of the
     repair, when given a pile of life jackets.
  How do you like these?
  Fix, please.
3. The officer will be able to plot where the ship
   is to within 25 yards of its actual longitude
   and latitude.

4. The maitre’d, when provided with passenger
   preferences and reasons for the trip, shall
   create menus that are just right for each
   individual and couple.
  These too.
5. The captain will choose to make each individual
   feel welcome so that they will sail again with
   Marshall Maritime Expeditions.

6. The ship’s crew members will be really good at
   lowering the life boats before the ship sinks in
   pitching seas, in the dark, and surrounded by
   panicked, aggressive, frightened people.

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