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									       Global Sugar & Sweeteners Market Report- 2012 Edition
Aarkstore Enterprise (India), 19th June , 2013 : One of the major industries growing at
a rapid pace includes the sugar and sweetener industry, the sub-industry of food additives
industry. An artificial sweetener is something derived chemically and possesses the
sweetness profile similar to sugar. On the other hand, sweeteners of natural origin are
extracted from berries, fruits and certain plant species.

Sweeteners are of three type viz. Caloric, Low Calorie and Zero Calorie (high intensity)
sweeteners. Each type of sweetener has varying potency and associated chemical
properties. Moreover, each type of sweetener has its own merits and demerits. Now a days,
‘Stevia’, a high intensity sweetener of natural origin is penetrating the sweetener market
swiftly on account of its comparably better chemical properties and effect on one’s health.

The sugar and sweetener industry has been growing on the back of factors like, growing
number of diabetic patients worldwide, expanding obese population, mounting
cardiovascular diseases incidences, and increasing consumption by the food and beverages
industry. Furthermore, factor like growing ageing population is also contributing in the
growth of the sugar and sweetener industry. With increasing age, deteriorating health
condition and diseases like diabetes surface due to which the diet and sugar consumption
has to be restricted. Moreover, trends like evolution of sweetener market, growing
awareness of stevia, sugar price movement and production of ethanol are also examined.

This report analyzes the global sugar and sweetener market, including segmental and
regional analysis. Segments like caloric sweetener (sugar and HFS), low calorie sweetener
(sorbitol) and high intensity sweetener (stevia), and regions including North America (the
US, Canada and Mexico), Europe, Asia-Oceania (China, India and Japan) and Brazil are
discussed in detail. The leading players operating in the respective industry on the global
scale include DuPont, PureCircle and Tate & Lyle. Along with the profiles of key industry
players, the competition prevailing in the global sugar and sweetener market, and the
competitive landscape of the US is also included.

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