Bosnia and Herzegovina

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					Bosnia and Herzegovina

 By: Dzenana Mehmedovic and
        Meldisa Cirak
         Bosnia is awesome
• Bosnia is awesome because there is a
  verity of foods and cultures. It is also
  awesome because there are so many
  pretty sights to see. Your kids will love it in
  Bosnia because it is an adventurous
  country. Even though some people don’t
  have TV's and computers they go outside
  everyday so you don’t have to worry about
           Bosnia's History
• Bosnia has a very interesting history. If
  you were 18 and older you had to be in the
  war and fight for your country. The war
  was against the Muslims and Serbs.
  During the time of the war people had very
  little food. When the people did have food
  it wouldn’t be long before they got it taken
  away by the Serbs. They barely had
  shelter. All of the kids and parents too
  were skin and bones.
              Capital City
• The capital city of Bosnia is Sarajevo. That
  is a big place where almost everything
  happens. Sarajevo is a very important
  place in Bosnia. In the war Sarajevo was
  the city that got attacked, and that’s why
  they had to rebuild it. The people that live
  there have more money than anyone else
  in Bosnia.
• There are many types of foods in Bosnia.
  The usual meals you would eat at holidays
  or just at home, is pita, cupavice, cajni
  kolutici baklava, tulumbe, kevap, cevap
  and corba.There’s lots more but I just can’t
  name them all.
• The most popular sport in Bosnia is
  soccer. Usualy when you go in Bosnia you
  can play what ever you want but they
  always choose soccer, and pretty much
  the boys who play are usually very good at
  it. And the Bosnia’s soccer team name is
  Bosna I Herzegovina.
• The climate in Bosnia is a little different
  like in the summer it is really hot and its
  hotter then here. In the winter it is really
  cold and when it snows the snow is up to
  your knee’s and in some places its even
  higher, but its really cold.
• There are very interesting cultures in Bosnia.
  There is many types of dances like soto, kolo,
  and folklor. Soto and kolo you would dance at a
  sjelo a sjelo is like if its Bajram and you go to a
  place like concert and you would celebrate. But
  folklor is a traditional dance at concerts (sjelo),
  you would perform a dance that you would
  rehearse lots of kind of folklor and you would
  practice somewhere else and then perform it at
  a sjelo.
• There is a lot of sights to see in Bosnia.
  The grasslands are one of them. There
  are a lot of beautiful lakes such as Drina,
  and Sava river, Kranj river, and a lot more
  we just can’t name them all.
• Book: Bosnia and Herzegovina

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