Balance in Art Symmetry by yurtgc548


									Teachable moments & the concept
           of balance
• The Kent Gardens Think Tank is a hands-
  on learning center for grades one through
  six.     Students gravitate to centers &
  activities of interest and are allowed time
  to flow and meet challenges. Through
  inquiry, students are able to problem solve
  and reflect. There are many teachable
  moments to help students identify
  concepts such as “balance.” A few follow.
Balance in Art: Symmetry

Creation with magnetic tangrams.
Structural engineering & building
          Branch blocks (left) are uneven, providing greater
          challenge and increased need for balance.
          Strawberry baskets balance on top of others to form a
          more fragile structure. Kapla blocks are evenly sized
          and shaped planks that here are used for a spiral.
          The Roman Arch is a challenge to create based on a
          map; all blocks are of similar design and balance is
          required due to lack of support.
               Nail Challenges

Two students worked together to meet the challenge of
designing a structure where 6 nails balance on the head
of one and no nails touch the base. The second nail
challenge involves balancing twelve nails on the head of
one where all nails must touch the base.
Equilibrium Mobile

        This project consists of
        lightweight metal
        structures that balance
        on top of others.
        Balance is tested when
        marbles are added.
       Teambuilding Activities

Flag House is an activity where six students hold short poles to support
[balance] a long pole with a moveable weight inside of it and carry it from
point to point. In the second photo, students are lowering a “Helium Stick”
to the floor as a group without force by balancing it on fingertips. If any
fingers disconnect from the stick, the team must start again from a
standing position.

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