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					                          Editorial Scope
Journal Scope

PLoS Computational Biology is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal publishing research of
exceptional significance that furthers our understanding of living systems at all scales — from
molecules and cells, to patient populations and ecosystems — through the application of
computational methods.

Journal Contents
• Research Articles
• Perspectives & Reviews
• Education Section & professional development series
     Topics Include (but are not limited to):
• Molecular Biology
• Protein-Protein Interactions
• Computational Neuroscience
• Regulatory Networks
• Computational Immunology
• Sequence Analysis
• Protein Structure & Function Prediction
• Population Biology
• Cancer Genetics
• Microarray Data Analysis
• Gene Expression
• Synthetic Biology
• Machine Learning
                                Editorial Board
Philip E. Bourne, Editor-in-Chief & Founding Editor   Deputy Editors
Steven E. Brenner, Founding Editor                    Patricia Babbitt
                                                      Joel Bader
Michael B. Eisen, Founding Editor                     Sebastian Bonhoeffer
Ruth Nussinov, Deputy Editor-in-Chief                 Lyle J. Graham
                                                      Uwe Ohler
                                                      Nathan Price
Fran Lewitter, Education Editor                       Burkhard Rost
                                                      Olaf Sporns
Olga Troyanskaya, ISCB Editor                         Wyeth Wasserman
Johanna McEntyre, Reviews Editor                      Weixiong Zhang
Ernest Fraenkel, Reviews Editor
                                                      Software Editors
                                                      Robert Gentleman
                                                      Hilmar Lapp
                                                      Robert F. Murphy
                                                      Andreas Prlić,
 Examples of Highly Downloaded Content
Unraveling Protein Networks with Power Graph Analysis (Research
Article) Royer L, Reimann M, Andreopoulos B, Schroeder M
Broadband Criticality of Human Brain Network Synchronization
(Research Article) Kitzbichler MG, Smith ML, Christensen SR, Bullmore E
Facilitated Variation: How Evolution Learns from Past Environments To
Generalize to New Environments (Research Article) Parter M, Kashtan N,
Alon U
Defrosting the Digital Library: Bibliographic Tools for the Next Generation
Web (Review) Hull D, Pettifer SR, Kell DB
The Rough Guide to In Silico Function Prediction, or How To Use
Sequence and Structure Information To Predict Protein Function
(Tutorial) Punta M, Ofran Y
PLoS Computational Biology is published by the
Public Library of Science (, a nonprofit
organization committed to making the world’s
scientific and medical literature a public resource.
Everything we publish is freely available online
throughout the world, for anyone to read, download,
copy, distribute, and use (with attribution). Barrier-
free, open access, no permissions required.

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