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                                                                         304 Spares Depot Electrical
                                                                         Mechanical Engineers
                                                                         Telephone: Military :35962
                                                                         81204      -          EME
                                                                                      08 April 2013
To:              _______________
                 (Firm Concerned)

Subject:         Tender Inquiry # 5 - B Vehicle Tyre

1.      This depot has to locally purchase following items on requirement basis in Current
Financial Year (CFY). Quotations are invited with details as under:-:-

Ser    Part No       Nomenclature        Manufacturing Manufacturer           Country         Rate
                                         Details         / Brand                 of           (Rs)
                                         (PR,    Speed                         Origin     Inclusive of
                                         Symbol, Tread                                         all
                                         Pattern, Load                                     applicable
                                         Index)                                              Taxes
       2610-ZO-      Cover      Outer
 1.    151-7343      1200x20
                     (18 PR) Qty-110

2.      Forward quotations in sealed envelope through registered post/ couriers with endorsement
on envelop as under. Detailed Terms and Conditions for submitting tenders are attached as per
annexure ‘B’ to this letter.

           Due on              :               26 April 2013
           Tender No & Date : 81204/LP/EME/05 of 08 April 2013

                                                                                 Lieutenant Colonel
                                                                                Commanding Officer
                                                                                     (Kashif Mobin)
                                                       Annexure ‘B’
                                                       To 304 Spares Depot EME Letter no
                                                       81204-EME Dated    08 April 2013

1.   RATES
     a.   Quoted rates must be valid upto 30 June 2013.
     b.   Quoted rates must be inclusive of all the govt. tax i.e. GST, INCOME TAX AND
          OTHER CHARGES.
     c.   Rates will be quoted separately for different brand and specification of tyres, tubes
          and btys.
     a.   Quotation will be provided on proper letter head pad of the firm and each page of
          the quotation must bear firm’s stamp and signature.
     b.   No columns should be left blank in quotation, however, NQ should be written in
          column for items NOT BEING QUOTED.
     c.   CUTTING OR OVERWRITING in the quotation will make the quotation liable to

     a.   Samples may be demanded from the firms to assess the quality, technical
          feasibility and functional ability of the item before issuance of purchase order.
     b.   The following should be clearly confirmed and proved through document in offer:-
          (1)    Principal is the manufacturer of offered brand tyres, tubes and btys it self or
                 is authorized dealer responsible for marketing in Pakistan.
          (2)    Proof of dealer ship between local firm and its principal to be attached with
          (3)    Proof of dealer ship between principal and makers to be attached with offer.

     c.   Offers for tyres, tubes should accompany the principal’s Performa invoice showing
          makers name, country of origin, brand, tread pattern, size and ply rating / load
          index and other salient factures of the offered tyres.
     d.   Tyres, tubes and btys should be brand new / unused, from current production or
          ex-stock of not more than 6 months old at the time of receipt by consignee.
     e.   Technical Data of Tyre, tubes.        Technical literature showing tyre, tube and
          btys size, ply rating / load index, speed symbol, tread pattern. Make / brand,
          country of origin be attached.
     f.   Code System for Marking Date of Manufacture. Code system of marking on
          tyres, tubes for production year, serial numbers with codes be intimated and
               explained with an example with decoding in the offer to interpret the date of
               manufacture and place of production.
       g.      Shelf Life.        Shelf life of offered tyre, tubes and btys should be intimated along
               with required storing conditions.

       h.      Warranty / Guarantee
               (1)     Warranty / Guarantee should be provided for min 5 years for tyres from the
                       date of issue of certificate receipt voucher (CRV) by concerned consignee
                       or 60000 kms running of vehicle duly fitted with supplied tyres which ever

       i.      Inspection
               (1)     Tyres, tubes will be inspected by 304 Spares Depot EME. Firm will provide
                       till inspection facilities / manpower to inspection team at consignee
               (2)     Shipment of tyres, tbes will be inspected at port by rep of 304 Spares Dep
       j.      Import documents / bill of lading be supplied at time of delivery.
       k.      Delivery period of the stores quoted must also be mentioned in your quotations.
       l.      Only firms, security wise cleared by GHQ, registered with this installation or any
               other defence organization can participate in this tender inquiry.
       m.      The firm has to deposit Rs. 100/- per tender at the time of submitting the quotation.
       a.      Quotations may be dropped in tender box before 1000 hrs on            26 April 2013.
       b.      The tenders will be opened at 1000 hrs on          26 April 2013. Representatives of
               firms may attend opening of quotations.
5.     IMPORTANT NOTE. In absence of any certificate or information required vide this
Tender Inquiry will mean rejection of quotation.
6.     WARNING
       a.      Do carefully study the specifications of store(s), item(s) of this Tender Inquiry
               before quoting. 304 Spares Depot EME will not be responsible for wrong
               submission of quotations by firms.
       b.      In case of any discrepancy of clause(s) with quotation, will make the quotation
               liable to rejection.

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