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as to debit


									Product Sheet
consolut sEPA-ImPlEmEntAtIon

sEPA: thE nEw bIndIng stAndArd for                  chAngE ovEr now And Enjoy thE
EuroPEAn PAymEnts                                   bEnEfIts!

SEPA combines all national formats for credit       consolut offers competent support for SEPA-Imple-
transfers and direct debits in European payments.   mentation within the SAP-system and guarantees
The SEPA standards are defined and available        efficient project handling.
within the SAP-system. It is planned to introduce
SEPA on a binding basis for credit transfers and    You can enjoy the benefits of SEPA immediately:
direct debits by 2013.                                Lower bank charges. The cost of bank transfers
                                                      to other SEPA users is reduced by up to 94 %.
PArtIcIPAnts In thE nEw stAndArds                     Simpler payment procedures irrespective of
                                                      destination country
The SEPA initiative enjoys comprehensive support!     Faster payments: a bank transfer to another
The countries listed below have undertaken to         SEPA country only takes the same time as a
introduce SEPA:                                       transfer within your own country
    All 27 EU member states                           International direct debits become possible
    The EEA member states (IS, FL, N)                 for the first time
    Switzerland and Monaco
The SEPA area has a total population of about
500 million.
       Product Sheet
       consolut sEPA-ImPlEmEntAtIon

stAndArd solutIon for sEPA                                                   sEPA At A glAncE

An Irish software company supplies an update to the French                   scope:
subsidiary of its Swiss customer and debits the invoice amount               SEPA has been available for
directly from the account of group headquarters in Zurich.                     Credit transfers since January 2008
                                                                               Direct debits since November 2009
A German supermarket chain orders muesli from a Swiss dairy
company and has the goods delivered to its branches in Alsace.               content:
The invoice is paid from the British bank account of the super-                Uniform standard instead of national payment procedures,
market chain because its corporate headquarters are located in                 i.e. obligatory use of IBAN and BIC
London.                                                                        New XML payment formats (ISO 20022)
                                                                               Data transfer method for mass payments (SWIFT FileAct)
International payments call for appropriate cash flows!
                                                                             sEPA tools and formats within the sAP-system
The objective of the EU is that all national bank transfer and                 New formats (ISO 20022) for
direct debit formats should be handled via SEPA; this applies                    Bank transfers as ECT (European Credit Transfer)
both to national and to international transactions.                              Direct debits as EDD (European Direct Debit)
                                                                               Instruction management for direct debits
EU plans are for all European bank transfers to be processed                   New format for the SAP bank statement
as SEPA transactions by the end of 2012 and all European
direct debits to be handled via SEPA by the end of 2013. All the             data conversions required
banks of the participating countries have been under an obliga-                The banking associations of many European countries offer
tion to support SEPA transactions since the end of 2010.                       an IBAN conversion that converts approx. 95 % of accounts.
                                                                               Upload of BIC/SWIFT data and reconciliation with existing
                                                                               bank master records

stAndArd solutIon for sEPA

direct debit

                                                                   1. form
               DEBTOR                                                                                            CREDITOR
                                                             2. signed form
      Receives direct debit form                                                                        Receives signed direct debit
            from creditor                              3. Advance announcement                               form from debtor

               7. Implementation                                                                             4. data transfer
                  of direct debit

                                                  CLEARING AND ACCOUNTING

                                                                                                            5. Initialization of
                                                                                                                   direct debit

                                            6. Inter-bank message        7. Inter-bank message
          DEBTOR'S BANK                                                                                    CREDITOR'S BANK
       Product Sheet
       consolut sEPA-ImPlEmEntAtIon

credit transfer

                                                                                  supply of goods
                    PAYER                                                                                                                                PAYEE

                  credit transfer                                                                                                                       credit note
                  instruction                                      CLEARING AND ACCOUNTING

             PAYER'S BANK                                  Amount debited from payer's account
                                                                                                                                                   PAYEE'S BANK
                                                           and credited to payee's account

our sErvIcEs for sEPA                                                                            our sKIlls

  Review and analysis of system prerequisites                                                         Comprehensive experience from projects already
  Customizing:                                                                                        completed
    Payment channels                                                                                  Experienced senior consultants with appropriate
    Bank master data                                                                                  specialist expertise
    SEPA formats                                                                                      consolut provides conversion tools for cases where
    Instruction management                                                                            no standard is available.
    Electronic bank statement                                                                         consolut is pleased to make quotations based on
  Review of master data                                                                               time worked or lump-sum prices
  Functionality tests
  User training

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