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        LatestNCTQ ReportValidatesConcernsover Group'sFlawed Researchand Bias

        Friday,25 May 20121O:27

        OfficialAACTE Statement                                         contact:Lisa Johnson
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                                                          202-478-4502or liohnson@aacte.orq
        (May 25, 2012,Washington,D.C.)- The American              of
                                                      Association Colleges Teacher
                                                                            for          Education  (AACTE)  findsthat the
        NationafCouncilon TeacherQuality's(NCTO) latest report,What Teacher            Programs Teachabout K-12
        Assessment, again illuminates group'sflawed researchmethodology
                                    the                                  and reflectsits strong bias againsthigher-

        The report,issuedas a precursorto NCTQ'snationalreviewof preparationprogramswith U.S. News & World Report,
        addressesan importantmatterthat AACTE and its member programsregardas a major priorityand on which they are
        workingin earnest.

        However,  certainissuesof methodology  persistin this report.As with previousNCTQ materials,reviewingcoursesyllabiwill
        not revealdata sufficient makethe judgments
                                to                     rendered.   Duringthe clinical           for          all
                                                                                     experience, example, candidates
        encounternumerousopportunities engagewith studentachievement
                                          to                                                            interventions
                                                                               data, analyzeinstructional            and
        practicethoseinterventions.  Theseexperiences                      in
                                                       may not be explicit coursesyllabi, NCTQ is speaking
                                                                                            so                   beyondthe
        data.Further, set of schoolsincluded this analysis not a representative
                      the                       in              is                     sampleof the nation's1,400schools,
        collegesand departments education(SCDEs).Therefore,findingscannot be appliedto
                                  of                                                             programsthat are not in the set
        studied.Despite thesesignificant recurringflaws,NCTQonce againconcludes       that almostall SCDEsare not adequately
        preparingteachercandidates use K-12 assessmentdata to improveclassroominstruction.

        AACTE membershave repeatedlyraisedthe issuethat NCTQ'sopen bias againsthigher-education-based         educator
        preparation should nullifyits ongoingreportsdenouncing  the profession. educationhistorianDiane Ravitchrecentlv
        disclosed, Thomas B. FordhamFoundation
                  the                                 createdNCTQ in 2000 as "a new entityto promotealternative certification
        and to breakthe powerof the hateded schools."  The U.S. Department Education
                                                                             of        awardedNCTQa $S-million    grantin
        2001 to launchthe AmericanBoardfor Certification TeacherExcellence, alternative
                                                           of                   an                       programthat aims to
        bypassteacherpreparation     providedthroughinstitutions highereducation.In 2005, the GeorgeW Bush Administration
        providedfundingto NCTQ to promotethe policiesof No Child Left Behind.Thus, NCTQ is not a neutralarbiterof educator

        AACTE maintains positionthat valid and reliableindicators teacherqualityshouldbe developedfor use by educator
                           the                                      of
        preparation programs,and such work is well underway.                          to
                                                            The abilityof candidates apply technology,    engagewith parents
        and the communityand use assessments informinstruction highlyvaluedcompetencies,
                                               to                  are                              and survevsof new
        teachersand their employersconfirmthat teachercandidates   are enteringthe field feelingmuch betterprepared.Despite
        the best effortsof detractors, profession
                                     the          continuesto buildon successes,  acknowledge   areas for growthand develop
        improvement                strategies
                  and accountability                               effective
                                             that are collaborative,        and sustainable.


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        dedicated the highestqualityprofessional
                 to                             development teachersand schoolleadersin order to enhancePK-12
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        studentlearning.                  holdingAACTE membership representpublicand privatecollegesand universities
        every state,the Districtof Columbia,the Virgin lslands,PuertoRico and Guam.AACTE'sreach and influencefuel its
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                of        learners providing schoolpersonnel
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