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									Worldwide Parcel Services Introduce Parcels To China

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Worldwide Parcel Services have developed a superb delivery service throughout the world based on
excellent service and cheap delivery prices, and now offer competitive pricing for parcels from the UK to
China, or vice versa.

Online PR News – 18-June-2013 – Worldwide Parcel Services have developed a superb delivery service
throughout the world based on excellent service and cheap delivery prices. They also offer importing facilities
to many countries which offer the business community the chance of some excellent opportunities to extend
their trading links.

China has become the major country for business expansion growing at a rate which has been unheard of in
recent times and Worldwide Parcel Services is proud to be able to export to and import from China at rates
which are extremely competitive and using couriers who are both excellent in their service and quality of
business. Worldwide Parcel Services Ltd use the best couriers for the area concerned in order to maintain
this quality of service and it is most important for them to get this right. At present Worldwide Parcel Services
Ltd can send parcels to china for £30.83 per kg, £44.54 per 5 kg, and £136.26 for a parcel of some 30Kg,
import costs start from China starts around £38 per kg. This low cost of delivery has allowed a lot of trade,
which hitherto would not have occurred to the manufacturers that it could flourish. It is almost certain that
over the next few years the trade with China will not only increase from China to the Western countries but
will also vastly increase in the reverse direction. This is partly because of the political requirements of the
Western Governments but also because the Western countries are learning to produce and export to a
region, which for many years was inaccessible because of culture and price. Worldwide Parcel Services Ltd
add the final ingredient in getting the goods to their final destination.

Worldwide Parcel Services Ltd note that all the parcel deliveries require customs clearance and unfortunately
there is no alternative other than the customer being responsible for this part of the operation. In order to help
with any queries, WPS has produced a help list of what to do and where to go to get further advice on
shipping in to different countries. Embassies and customs websites will always help with queries if
approached at the correct time.

China is a very large country and Worldwide Parcel Services Ltd are pleased to be able to deliver throughout

the country using local sources in order to get the quickest and most efficient service possible. It seems
strange that the Silk route was one of the original great trading routes for shipping goods across the continent
of Asia through the Middle East and onto Europe and now hundreds of years later the same type of trade is
flourishing with bulk quantities of small parcels travelling all over China. This time the cost is a fraction of
what it was then as it took vast amounts of camel trains weeks and months to deliver the goods. Today with
the help of Worldwide Parcel Services Ltd the delivery takes a few days and the parcels are delivered door to
door efficiently and safely.

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