; Education is major problum in pakistan
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Education is major problum in pakistan


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									EDUCATION - The Major Problem in Pakistan
      In the word fill with problems . Pakistan faced many problems but most grate problem is

       Pakistan emerged on the world map on 14th August, 1947. Since then he has faced a
number of problems on her way to progress. All of these issues are major and are badly effecting
our society.
       Perhaps the greatest loss comes in the area of education . Whether or not this is a direct
result of Pakistan's economic problems,it is undoubtedly connected with so many resources
directed towards the aforementioned debt payment,educational improvements are given and
inordinately low priority.
      In addition, Musharraf's military dictatorship has understandably not placed great emphasis
on education in Pakistan. This is evident upon examination of Pakistan's overall literacy rate of
37.8% (50% for men and 24.4% for women). Literacy being defined as those over 15 who can read
and write. In term of population, low literacy rates are often observed with high population growth.
       A poorly educated population is unlikely to participate in family planning or any other form
of population control. Secondary,a poor educated populace makes Pakistan a poor choice for the
foreign investors that it so desperately needs. Further more,the extremely low literacy rate among
Pakistani women (24.4%) lends itself to a society where most women never enter the labor
force,creating less incentives for them to limit the size of their families.
       This is best illustrated by the fact that only 38 million of Pakistan's 141 million people make
up the entire labor force and continue the education.

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