Construction Chemicals Market in India 2013

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					               Construction Chemicals Market in India 2013
Aarkstore Enterprise (India), 17th June , 2013 : The new report, ‘Construction
Chemicals Market in India’, states that growth in construction activities has led to significant
rise in demand for construction chemicals in the Indian market. Construction chemicals are
slowly expected to play a vital role in the development of the Indian construction industry.
Multiple benefits associated with the application of construction chemicals have also
contributed to the robust growth of the market.

Construction chemicals are a segment of the specialty chemicals sector. Penetration of
construction chemicals for different applications is relatively low in India as compared to the
developed nations.

The development of the construction chemicals market is supported by the focus on
infrastructure construction in India. Growth in real estate sector is expected to stimulate the
demand for construction chemicals. Rise in disposable income of the consumers will enable
them to spend more on construction chemicals. Growing economy of the country will also
aid the sustainable development of the Indian construction chemicals industry.

However, the industry has also some pain points. Low awareness about the application and
benefits of construction chemicals deters the development of the market. Further lack of
standards presents significant hindrance to the growth of the industry. Unskilled labor along
with a price sensitive consumer base adversely affects market growth.

Construction chemicals industry is witnessing a surge in demand from the tier 2 and tier 3
cities of India. Silicone based construction chemicals are also gaining rapid popularity.
Development and application of eco friendly construction chemicals has emerged as a new
trend in the market.

The Indian construction chemicals industry is a niche market at present and has strong
growth potential in the future years.

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