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									Light Vehicles: Multidisciplinary Eng.
•   Design
•   Materials
•   Joining
•   Performance
    –   Corrosion
    –   Fatigue
    –   Crash
    –   Stiffness….
• Manufacturing
• Recycling
• Others…..
OSU expertise and infrastructure
• Focus on manufacturing/materials initiatives
     –   Ohio Manufacturing Institute (
     –   Center for the accelerated maturation of materials (existing)
     –   NSF I/UCRC Center for Precision forming (existing)
     –   Smart Vehicle Concept Center (existing)
     –   Fontana Corrosion Center (existing)
     –   NSF I/UCRC Center for Integrative Materials Joining Science for Energy
         Applications (planning)
•   Institute for Materials Research (Interdisciplinary)
•   Transportation Research Center
•   Ohio Supercomputing Center
•   Edison Welding Institute
  Machining, Tribology, Metrology,
  Forming & Corrosion
Bharat Bhushan (ME)
    – Interdisciplinary areas of bio, nanotribology, nanomechanics
      & nanomaterials characterization
Allen Yi (ME/ISE)
    – Precision Engineering, Optical Fabrication & Micromachining
Taylan Altan (ISE) & Rob Wagoner (MSE)
    – Metal Forming Processes, FEM to Optimize Process
      Variables, Die / Tool Design, Metal Forming Machines,
      Material Properties & Tribology in Metal Forming.
Glenn Daehn (MSE)
    – High velocity metal forming/joining; Director of OMI
Rudy Buchheit and Jerry Frankel (MSE)
    – Corrosion Characterization and Modeling
Rajiv Shivpuri (ISE)
    – Machining, metal forming and microstructure
   Process, Microstructure &
   Performance Modeling
Doru M. Stefanescu (MSE) & J. Brevick (ISE)
    – Solidification Process Modeling; Casting Processes
      and Life-Cycle
Rajiv Shivpuri (ISE), David Farson S. S. Babu (MSE/WE)
    – Manufacturing processes, Design and analysis of
      machine tools, Fatigue & fracture,
    – Heat and Mass Transfer during welding &
      microstructure evolution
W. Windl, J. C. Zhao, S. S. Babu and Yunzhi Wang
    – First Principles, Computational thermodynamics,
      kinetics &phase field simulations
Somnath Ghosh & Peter Anderson
    – Solid Mechanics Computational simulations.
Additive Manufacturing
Gary Kinzel (ME)
    – Rapid design prototyping
Hamish L Fraser (MSE)
    – Laser Near Net Shaping & Kinetic Metallization
John Lippold (MSE/WE)
    – Fusion Welding and Friction Surfacing
Marcelo L. Dapino (ME) & Suresh S. Babu (MSE)
    – Embedding of smart materials, sensors and actuators within solids
      through ultrasonic additive manufacturing
    – Very High Power ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing – Processing
      & Characterization
Extensive collaboration with EWI, ORNL, Industries and Small-
   business in this area
Welding & Joining
Sudarsanam Suresh Babu: Phase Transformations, Welding
   Metallurgy & Computational Modeling
Avraham Benatar: Design for Fitness, Plastics & Adhesives
Glenn Daehn: Impact Welding and Forming
David Farson: Laser Materials & Nanoscale Processes
Kathy Flores: Joining of Bulk Metallic Glasses
John Lippold: Welding Metallurgy
Stanislav Rokhlin: NDE, Sensors & Health Monitoring
Xiadong Sun (ME): Thermal-hydraulics, reactor safety & design
Boian Alexandrov: Phase Transformations, Weldability               Also few other
David Phillips: Solid-state welding, deformation-resistance         faculties in ISE,
   welding                                                          MSE and ME
Other Manufacturing
Polymer processing/Molding:
     – Jose Castro
Friction Stir Processing:
    – Lippold & Jim Williams
Collision Welding/joining
    – Lippold and Daehn
Kinetic Metallization
    – Hamish Fraser
Fiber/Hybrid Laser Welding
    – Dave Farson
Magnetically Impelled Arc Butt (MIAB) welding & Ultrasonic Aided Machining
    – David Philips & NASA
Lean Practice
    – Shahrukh Irani, Peter Ward (Fisher College of Business)
Tony Luscher (ME)
     – Assembly methods and strategy
     – Feature based joining
Blaine Lilly (ME)
     – Product design
     – Tool and die design
Jim Arnold, Carolina Gill, Scott Shim (Industrial Design)
     – Fusion Welding and Friction Surfacing
C. G. Cantemir (CAR) (Automotive Systems)



Light vehicle structure program(s)
• Current (all new)
  –   Alcoa Foundation – Light Structures
  –   US-China DOE Clean Car Initiative
  –   Honda-OSU Partnership focus
  –   DOE GATE program (fellowships and education)
  –   Chrysler reduced mass demonstrator.

• Anticipated
  – Center for Optimized Light Structures (COLS)
  – US Marines, MRAP lightweighting

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