What is a wish pearl_ how much is it and what does it include by fjzhangweiyun


									              What is a wish pearl? And how much does it cost?

   A wish pearl is a gift that allows you to open your own oyster and find a pearl on the
    Color: White, Cream, Peach, Gold or Lavender
    Size: Approx. 5-7mm
    Shape: Round
    Pendant: Heart-shaped and silver
    Chain: Silver 16-inch with 2-inch extender
    Price for each:    1-19 $9.99
                       20-99 $8.99
                       100-1000 $7.99

   Each WISH PEARL GIFT SET includes:
    AN OYSTER CONTAINING A PEARL: The oyster is packaged in a container of
    special liquid solution that dramatically simulates the natural oyster environment. A
    major appeal of this unusual gift is the excitement and mystery as the recipient opens
    the oyster and finds their very own pearl. It takes three to five years for the oyster to
    form the pearl. The pearl will measure anywhere from 5-7mm.
    A HEART-SHAPED SILVER PENDANT: The beautiful cage design of the easy-to-
    open pendant allows the pearl to be worn and protected.
    A SILVER CHAIN: A 16-inch chain with a 2-inch extender.

    The website to order the wish pearls direct:

Ordering tips:
 The company is based out of New York, USA, therefore on large orders you may be
  required to pay both a brokerage fee (paid to the courier service (Fedex, UPS) and
  duty for crossing the US border into Canada.
 The brokerage fee for an approximate order of 100 wish pearls is about $200.
 The duty is applied when a person has exceeded the allowed personal amount on
  goods between US and Canada. The allowed personal amount varies, therefore
  smaller orders most likely do not pay duty, but larger orders do.
 Questions can be directed to:
  Alpha Imports NY Inc. ,
  7 west 45 street 17th floor
  New York NY 10036
  US TOLL FREE: 1-800-56-ALPHA
  Phone # 212-575-2637
  Fax # 212-768-0599

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