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					Male Weight loss - It's a Simple Numbers Game

As a guy, I've been on both sides of the weight loss border. I have been south and I have been north, but
mostly I've been on the winning side. Stuff happens in the male life though, that throws you into a losing
situation if you are not paying attention to basics. The basics always apply, though. If you have never
been on the winning side of weight loss, I am going to tell you just how easy it is to get there.

When you are young(er), it is easy to lose weight. Think about it. You ate whatever junk you wanted,
drank beer by the six pack, but you had the energy and strength to burn it all off, and you still looked.....
pretty darned good. As you get slightly older, you begin to notice that you need to spend more and
more energy and muscle to burn off the fat. The job of dropping the gut got to be a big job!
The New Game
Well, it really does not matter if you're young or old, weight loss isn't difficult. It doesn't require painful
exercise routines.. You don't even need to use your head! I can't tell you how happy I am to tell you this.
I always wondered how I was going to keep running 4 miles per day and lift weights for 40 minutes per
day. That is too much damned work! You simply need to do two simple things. Once you do them for
one day, it begins to be an easy routine
Thing #1 - Write down Everything You Eat
Everyday, write down everything that you eat that day. It does not matter if you use a pencil or a crayon
or some fancy spreadsheet program. Everything.... coffee, tea, half and half, candy bars, pizza, beer,
burgers, fries. Leave space to the right of this list, because we are going to do something else too.
Then find out (from packages, internet, nutritional information at restaurants) how many calories are in
these things. If you can't find the information, estimate it. Ask someone's opinion. The important thing is
to see all of the things you eat in a day. Write these calories next to the items you just listed. Just
observe. Don't feel bad about it, or change anything yet.
Thing #2 - Find out Your Calorie Requirements
This is about knowing the minimum calories you need at your existing level of activity. By activity I mean
how much are physical active day by day. Guys usually fall into one of three categories - sedentary,
moderate activity or active.

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