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					 On the Move
              Andy                             Victoria
              Anderson,                        Grey,
              AtHoc                            Soonr
              The San Ma-                     The Camp-
              teo provider                    bell provider
              of interactive                  of enterprise
              crisis com-                     mobile
munication and emer-            collaboration services
gency mass notification         named Victoria Grey chief
named Andy Anderson             marketing officer. She was
vice president of world-        senior vice president of
wide business develop-          marketing at Nexsan.
ment for the defense
sector. He retired from the                    Ken Grohe,
U.S. Air Force as colonel.                     Virident
              Dave Brown,                    The Milpitas
              AtHoc                          provider of
              The San Ma-                    flash-based
              teo provider                   storage-class
              of interactive    memory tools named
              crisis com-       Ken Grohe vice president
              munication        of worldwide customer
and emergency mass              operations. He is former
notification named Dave         vice president and general
Brown vice president of         manager of EMC’s flash
the defense and intel-          business unit.
ligence group. He retired
from the U.S. Army as                          Benjamin
colonel.                                       Ling,
              Jim Cantele,                     Ventures
                                               The Menlo
              Solutions                        Park venture
              The Ger-                         assistance
              many-based        firm that focuses on sus-
              provider of       tainability and technology
              innovative        startups named Benjamin
formal verification soft-       Ling to its staff. Recently,
ware, which has an office       he was chief operating
in Santa Clara, appointed       officer at Badoo.
Jim Cantele vice president
of worldwide sales. He                         Brent
is former vice president                       Maxwell,
of global sales and field                      Soonr
operations at Polyteda
Software.                                     The Camp-
                                              bell provider
              Keith                           of enterprise
                                collaboration services
              Virident          named Brent Maxwell
              Systems           vice president of business
              The Milpitas      development. He was vice
              provider of       president of strategy and
              flash-based       alliances at Appcelerator.
storage-class memory
tools named Keith Car-                         David
penter vice president of                       Ricketts,
sales of the Americas.                         Revel Touch
Previously, he served at
NetApp.                                  The Palo Alto
                                         provider of a
              Paul Dubé,                 front-end
              Matrix       mobile platform named
              Absence      David Ricketts senior vice
              Manage-      president, sales. He was
              ment         vice president of North
              The San Jose American sales at Hybris.
that partners with employ-               Tom Terrill,
ers to provide customized                East Bay
management programs                      Leadership
for employees named                      Council
Paul Dubé vice president
of product strategy and                  The Concord
development.                             organization
                                         that pro-
                           motes the economic vitali-
              Brett        ty and quality of life for the
              Flinchum,    East Bay named president
              EVault       and chief executive officer.
              The San      He is the proprietor of The
              Francisco    Terrill Co.
              nected back-
up and recovery services
provider appointed Brett
Flinchum vice president of
worldwide operations. He
is former chief operating
officer at MegaPath.

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