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									                           Mathematics Alignment Lesson
                            Grade 5 Quarter 2 Day 47

       Common Core State Standard(s)                                     Alignment Lesson
                                                              Create a Hierarchy Diagram (Day 1 of 2)
   5.G.3 Understand that attributes belonging to
   a category of two-dimensional figures can        1. Instruct student pairs to share and compare their hierarchy
   also belong to all subcategories of that            diagrams from last night’s homework. Present the following
   category. For example, all rectangles have          questions for discussion:
   four right angles and squares are rectangles,            Share your thinking and reasoning with your partner.
   so all squares have four right angles.                   Do both diagrams accurately represent the
   5.G.4 Classify two-dimensional figures in a                  relationships between shapes?
   hierarchy based on properties.                   2. Provide each pair of students with one copy of Blackline
                                                       Master, “Two-Dimensional Figures,” and instruct them to
                                                       quickly cut out all the shape names. (Could be pre-cut to save
    Standards for Mathematical Practice                time)

   Standard 1 – Make sense of problems and          3. Display and distribute Transparency/Blackline Master,
                persevere in solving them.             “Classify Shapes to Create a Hierarchy Diagram.” Present
   Standard 3 - Construct viable arguments and         and discuss the task with students.
                critique the reasoning of others.           Note: Students work with words rather than pictures to
   Standard 6 - Attend to precision.                        ensure classification is based on the properties of the
                                                            figure rather than one pictorial representation of it. This
                                                            will allow students to see connections based on the
               Materials Needed:                            definitions of the figures, rather than one or two examples
                                                            of the figures.
      Blackline Masters, “Two-Dimensional
           Figures,”                                4. Circulate as students work and provide support as necessary.
      Transparency/Blackline Master,                  Refer back to the definitions and ask probing questions to help
           “Classify Shapes to Create a                students make connections between shapes. (For example, if
                 Hierarchy Diagram”                    students struggle understanding how to relate an acute
      Scissors                                        triangle, right triangle, obtuse triangle, and isosceles triangle,
      Piece of computer paper for each pair of        you may ask them to draw an example of an isosceles triangle
       students                                        that is also an acute triangle, an example of an isosceles
                                                       triangle that is also a right triangle, and an example of an
                                                       isosceles triangle that is also an obtuse triangle. This would
                                                       help them make the connection that an isosceles triangle can
                   Assessment                          be right, obtuse, or acute.)

   Informal:                                                Note: The relationships between triangles may present
    Hierarchy diagrams created by pairs                    challenges for students. You may wish to refer students to
                                                            their completed copies of Triangle Grid from Day 40 to
    Use written paragraphs to assess
                                                            aid their thought processes.
       individual student reasoning of how they
       classified and organized their shapes into   5. Students need to finish creating their hierarchy diagrams today
       a hierarchy diagram.                            so they will be ready to transfer them to chart paper tomorrow
                                                       and share them with the class.
                                                    6. Students should complete Blackline Master, “Create a
                                                       Hierarchy Diagram Journal Prompt,” for homework.
      Blackline Master- “Create a Hierarchy              Source: Teacher Created from NC DPI
           Diagram Journal Prompt”                        Unpacking Document

Wake County Public School System, 2012
                       Teacher Guide     Grade 5   Day 47   Standards 5.G.3, 5.G.4

 Acute Triangle: a triangle with three acute angles

 Circle: a plane figure with all points the same distance from a fixed point called the

 Equilateral Triangle: a triangle with all sides the same length

 Hexagon: a polygon with six sides

 Isosceles Triangle: a triangle with two sides the same length

 Kite: a quadrilateral with two distinct pairs of congruent adjacent sides and diagonals
       that intersect at a right angle

 Obtuse Triangle: a triangle with one obtuse angle

 Parallelogram: a quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel sides

 Pentagon: a polygon with five sides

 Polygon: a closed plane figure made up of three or more straight line segments for its

 Quadrilateral: a polygon with four sides

 Rectangle: a parallelogram with four right angles

 Regular Pentagon: a pentagon with all equal sides and all equal angles

 Rhombus: a parallelogram with all equal sides

 Right Triangle: a triangle with one right angle

 Scalene Triangle: a triangle with sides of all different lengths

 Square: a parallelogram with four equal sides and four right angles

 Trapezoid: a quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel sides

 Triangle: a polygon with three sides

Wake County Public School System, 2012
                      Blackline Master     Grade 5   Day 47    Standards 5.G.3, 5.G.4

                                Two-Dimensional Figures

      Acute                                              Equilateral
                                    Circle                                              Hexagon
     Triangle                                             Triangle

     Isosceles                                                Obtuse
                                         Kite                                    Parallelogram
     Triangle                                                 Triangle

     Pentagon                     Polygon              Quadrilateral                Rectangle

     Regular                                                   Right                    Scalene
     Pentagon                                                 Triangle                  Triangle

       Square                    Trapezoid                    Triangle

Wake County Public School System, 2012
              Transparency/Blackline Master   Grade 5   Day 47    Standards 5.G.3, 5.G.4

                                                                 Name: ________________________
                                                                  Date: ________________________

           Classify Shapes to Create a Hierarchy Diagram
    1. With your partner, review the definitions of each of the figures and then sort and
       classify them based on their properties.

    2. Discuss how you sorted and classified the figures and decide how you will organize
       them into a hierarchy diagram.

    3. Collaborate with your partner to create a hierarchy diagram that shows the
       relationship between the figures. Draw your diagram on a sheet of computer paper
       provided by your teacher.

    4. Once your diagram is complete, independently write a paragraph in the box below
       explaining how you classified your shapes and why you organized them the way
       you did in your hierarchy diagram.

Wake County Public School System, 2012
                                         Answer Key     Grade 5    Day 47    Standards 5.G.3, 5.G.4

                                                   Create a Hierarchy Diagram
                                                           Answer Key
Note: This hierarchy diagram example represents one way of thinking. Consider student placement of shapes and assess their thinking and
reasoning based on the defined properties of the figures.


Wake County Public School System, 2012
                                           Answer Key   Grade 5   Day 47    Standards 5.G.3, 5.G.4


                        Quadrilateral                                         Triangle                     Pentagon

                                                              Acute            Right          Obtuse
             Parallelogram                                                                                 Regular
                                                             Triangle         Triangle        Triangle
                                         Trapezoid             (Acute)
                                                              Isosceles        (Right)         (Obtuse)
                   Rectangle                                                  Isosceles        Isosceles
Wake County Public School System, 2012                                        Triangle         Triangle
                                         Answer Key   Grade 5   Day 47   Standards 5.G.3, 5.G.4

                    Square                                  Triangle
                                                                           (Right)          (Obtuse)
                                                                           Scalene           Scalene   Hexagon
                                                                           Triangle         Triangle
                Rhombus                  Kite               (Acute)

Wake County Public School System, 2012
                      Blackline Master   Grade 5   Day 47   Standards 5.G.3, 5.G.4

                                                                 Name: ________________________
                                                                  Date: ________________________

             Create a Hierarchy Diagram Journal Prompt

        Explain the different ways you could classify triangles. Be sure to
        discuss the relationships between the different types of triangles in your

Wake County Public School System, 2012

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