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									                                                                                 No 7 _ 16 October 2009


Friday, 16 October                      Lars Stoermer Quartett Concert from 7 to 9 pm in the MPR
                                        (free admission)
Friday, 16 October                      MS Party from 6 to 9.15 pm
Tuesday, 20 October                     ES Parent Teacher Conferences
Wed, 21 − Thu, 22 October               Dessert Theatre Tomfoolery in Heizhaus
Mon, 26 − Fri, 30 October               Autumn Break
Wednesday, 4 November                   ES Principal’s Coffee Morning at 8.10 am
Wednesday, 18 November                  ES Open House Morning from 8-10.30 am


Thursday, 22 October                    1 − 3 pm

Ben Kestner, Middle School Principal

International Week
As I write this article we are approaching the end of our International Week 2009. The aim of the
week is to raise awareness and celebrate the range of diversity we have in the school in terms of
culture as well as to focus on a particular issue or topic which affects us all.

This year we focused on the United Nations Rights of the Child. The students have been involved in
many activities and projects including a water project simulation, guest speaker Hanna Jansen, Green
litter clearing day, Middle School students getting involved with the Elementary school’s culture day,
International dress up day, a fashion show and the international buffet. These events were on top of
other classes planned during normal lesson time.

We also held our annual move-a-thon on Wednesday which always raises a lot of money for a
charity. This year the money raised in Middle and High School will go towards Habitat for Humanity.

One of the aspects of International Week I particularly look forward to are the projects where the
different school sections join together. This re-emphasizes the fact that even though our school is
getting larger, we are maintaining a ‘small school’ feeling of caring and community. It was great to see
all three school sections outside playing and running around together on the field after the move-a-

International School’s Orchestra
We are moving ahead, together with four other international schools in Berlin, with a joint choir and
orchestra project. The idea is that we will offer students from the five schools a chance to join
together to make music and perform as a unified group. There will be four choices of ensemble. A
junior choir, a senior choir, a junior orchestra and a senior orchestra. We will rehearse after the
December break and then give a concert in March (location to be announced). Letters to parents,
giving details of the orchestras, times of rehearsals etc will be sent out before the December break.
This a very exciting project bringing together many students from different schools to make music

Middle School Party
As Middle School parents will know, the students from 6th to 8th grade have their first party of the
year today from 6pm – 9.15pm. There is also a Jazz concert at school, so if parents would like to
drop their kids off and watch the concert, they can go home with them from school. Students should
bring 2 euros entry for the party. Please be prompt when picking your son or daughter up at 9.15pm.
There are a number of staff chaperones giving up their time to look after the students, and they’d
like to get home!

MYP Visiting Team
Last week, we opened our doors to a visiting team from the International Baccalaureate
Organization. Every four years, all MYP schools have teams visiting them to check on how they are
delivering the programme and to offer suggestions for improvement. We had a really good visit and
the team was very impressed with what we are doing here. They met with all sections of the school
community including parents and students. We are very proud of what we offer here at BBIS and I’m
always happy to welcome visitors.

Ben Kestner’s Blog
A reminder that you can read about my current thoughts on education matters on my blog:
If you have any comments or questions concerning the Middle School please contact me on 033203
8036-768, email ben.kestner@bbis.de , or just drop in.

Camille Du Aime, Elementary School Principal

What an exciting day we had yesterday! There were over 70 parents running 22 different rooms.
Each room was transformed to create an environment. The UK room demonstrated what a child’s
life could have been like before the UN Rights of the children was adopted. The room was pitch
black and children had to walk bent over through a tunnel to collect coal which they then loaded in
their wagon and pulled back to the entrance of the mine. The Jamaican room went for a different
atmosphere complete with a beach, a banana tree and a limbo pole! Children learned to write their
name in Cyrillic, Korean and Thai and they learned what their name could have been if they were

born in Bali, Iceland, a Spanish speaking country or an Arabic country. Canada is proud of the way it
protects children’s right to their own culture so each child made a poster representing their culture
and wrote down a right that they wish kids had! The Africa room presented information about
children’s’ right to an education and encouraged kids to donate money to a Unicef project which is
building schools in Africa (remember profits from the calendar sales go to Unicef!) These are only a
few examples, there were many, many more!! The cumulative effect on the students (and teachers)
of hearing about the rights of children all around the world was powerful!

Dancing in the Czech room

Making a Statue of Liberty in the US Room

Making a Statue of Liberty in the US room

The right to an education in the Africa room

While the kids had their recess and lunch parents had a break and got to chat with each other. Many
people asked for the contact info of the Thai restaurant that catered lunch: Papaya, Hauptstraße 159,
10827 Berlin-Schöneberg. Again, a heartfelt thank you to all the wonderful parents who put some
much energy and creativity into making this such an incredible event!

The UK coal mine. No joking!                         Vera with the Thai dancer

Ludwig learns a Korean game                          Rights tree in the Austria room

The other events in this busy week have also gone very well. The campus and forest clean up on
Green Day looked like it might get rained out but the sky cleared up. When we gathered to admire
the amount of garbage we collected (and the amazing things that had been found such as a bicycle, a
duvet cover and part of a fence) it began to hail!

The rain held off for the Move-a-Thon and Elementary students did a lot of running. Some students
like Mia Little in Gr. 2 did 10 laps! Thanks to the energy of our kids and the generosity of their
family and friends, the Elementary school raised 3,439.54 €! This is being added to the money that
we raised last year by selling tea towels and then divided between the two charities that we are
supporting (Dare to Dream: the South African camp for AIDS orphans and the St Marien Soup
Kitchen in Berlin). Each organization are receiving a very generous 2000 € which was handed over
today at our assembly. Thank you for making it all possible.

Move-a-Thon girls!                                  The whole Elementary School wearing green!

We appear to have survived International Week, so we can now look forward to the parent teacher
conferences on Tuesday and then a well deserved holiday. Wishing you all the best!

Upcoming Events in the Elementary School
Oct 20       NO SCHOOL - Parent Teacher Conferences (9:00-18:00)
Oct 26-30    NO SCHOOL - Autumn Break
Nov 4        Principal’s Coffee Morning (8:10 in Camille’s Office)
Nov.18       Open House Morning (note change of date)

                 Advance Order Form for BBIS’s Children’s Rights Calendar 2010
Student’s Name : ___________________________________

Class/Grade: __________

I would like to order ___________ calendars which will be delivered to me in early December.
Each calendar costs 10€, therefore I have enclosed ____________€.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me on 033203 8036-125, email
camille.duaime@bbis.de or simply drop by my office for a visit. Parents are always welcome!



Dear Parents,
In February 2010, Berlin Brandenburg International School will have the
honour to host the 13th ISMTF International Senior Mathematics School
Competition. Over 180 of the best students in mathematics from over
30 countries worldwide and different school systems will visit our
school for 3 days to enjoy mathematics and compete for the best

We would like to ask for your support in celebrating their achievements in mathematics. We would
need THREE prices for approx. 100 − 250 euros each for the best three
individual results.

The contributors’ names will be recognized in the Mathematics
Competition Awards Ceremony on 28 February 2010, the Competition
Booklet, and the BBIS newsletter Kaleidoscope.

Your donation is tax deductible. You will receive a statement certifying
the donated amount soon following its receipt.

If you would like to donate a price, please contact the Competition Coordinator Tatiana Uspenskaia
on 0176 48243 816 or at tania.uspenskaia@bbis.de

If you would like to finance a price, please make a bank transfer to the following account:

Organisation:           BBIS GmbH
Account number:         858 105 502 2
Bank sort code:         100 900 00
Bank:                   Berliner Volksbank
Description:            Maths Competition

Additionally, please contact the Competition Coordinator Tatiana Uspenskaia on 0176 48243 816 or
at tania.uspenskaia@bbis.de to inform her about your donation.

If you have any further questions about the competition, please have a look at our website
(http://www.bbis.de/content/new-events/math_comp_site.htm) or contact

Dr. Tatiana Uspenskaia
HS Maths Teacher
Email tania.uspenskaia@bbis.de


Free Jazz!*
Parents and members of the BBIS community are invited to attend the Lars Stoermer Quartett
concert on Friday evening (October 16th), which will be free of charge. It will be especially good for
students in grades 9-12 who are (or are thinking about) doing Music IB. The concert begins at 7pm
and will end at about 9pm.
*‘free’ as in no cost – it’s not abstract ‘free improv’!
The organizers would like to thank BBIS parents who have agreed to host the Toulousain students,
and also the staff of BBIS who have helped to make this not just possible but amazing!

Martin Milner
Music Teacher


                         The BBIS Drama Club proudly presents:
                               The 1st Show of the 2009-2010 Season

                                        Dessert Theater
                                     A Musical Theatre Revue
                               …of the satirical songs of Tom Lehrer

                  Jordan Beckvonpeccoz, Gigi Caracciolo-Drudis, Noah Legner,
                Dani Lundin, Clara Meinerts, Julia Ort, Nina Troy, and Madi Ziomek

                              Teas, Coffee, Cakes, and assorted Sweets
                               for the modest entry fee of 5,00 Euros

                                      Reserve your table today!
                         (up to 4 per table…but number of tables unlimited)

         October 21st @ 19:00 & October 22nd @ 17:00 in the Heizhaus

                        Ticket & Table Requests to rem.johannsen@bbis.de


The 2009 sailing season is drawing to a close. In many ways it has been a successful year for the BBIS
Sailing Club. We are proud to have many students in Elementary, Middle and High School who are
committed to sailing.

Over the year we have had many students participate in sailing events in the wider Berlin and
Brandenburg area, as well as across all of Germany and beyond. The renovation of the Triton has
made considerable progress and we look forward to continuing work on the boat in the coming
winter season.

If you have questions about the BBIS Sailing Club please email christian.schmelz@bbis.de.

Christian Schmelz
BBIS Sailing Club


Please find in this article:
    - Football and Cross country reports from last weekend, 9th – 10th October
    - Coming up fixtures (this weekend and beyond)
    - Request for Booster club members

Match reports from last weekend, 9th – 10th October

Football U14 boys 
The U14 boys team travelled to Bonn International School week for games against that host school.
It was a fantastic weekend with challenging games. The boys faced a strong and well organized team
and needed to focus on their defense. The game on Friday was after a long trip in the train and we
had to accept that we met a stronger team losing 5-0. On Saturday the game ended in a 2-1 loss but
the team played much better and we were well prepared to face Bonn. The boys had the chance to
draw but missed a penalty close to the end of the day. Overall, it was a great weekend and again the
team improved. Next week we will play a game against varsity girls on Wednesday and after the
holidays there is a game planned on Tuesday against a local team called RSV.

Ben Dutton and Jesse Worley
U14 Soccer/Football coaches

Football U14 girls
The U14 girls team again had a fixture but this time we travelled for the first time this season. We
left at a very early time (06.50am!) from Berlin Hauptbahnhof to go to Bonn International School for
a two day football trip. This trips are the moments all students look forward to. Let’s be honest, it is
not all about the football but also about spending time with your team and friends. These trips also
provide an opportunity to meet the students from the other schools and it was great to see the
attitude our students have when meeting new students. Our girls were housed by families from Bonn
International School and the stories the morning after are always good and this time ,it was no
different. Now about the Football, as it was our first 11 a-side match and for some girls that was the
first time ever on a full size pitch. In the last 3 years that I coach the girls, they always seem to
surprise me and so they did . We played two close games against Bonn although we lost both of
them. Of course we want to win but that is not the main focus in our team. We aim to play well and
learn something new each game and then we will find out what that meant in regards to the score.
The girls are making a lot of progress and we still have 3 weeks till the GISST event in Bonn. I must
say that some girls are stepping up and taking control of the team when playing. Robin de Rijk has
developed very good skills over the last 2 years and has taken on a coaching role on the field, helping
her team members to develop their game. She has moved to centre back position and we wonder
why we did not do this earlier. Benedict Simons is doing the same in offence and together they are
becoming more and more important for us as a team. Looking forward to the next set of games and
getting the team ready to face our main tournament of the season, GISST!

Next week the girls will play an 11-a-side game against BBS on Tuesday after practice. After the
holiday the girls will play on Tuesday against RSV, a local team in an 8-a-side game.

Joost Langendonck
Head coach

GISST and Inter School Cross Country Running event.
Saturday 10th October was the annual GISST and Inter School Cross Country Running event help at
Runners from 8 international schools in Germany participated :-BBIS, Berlin British School, Berlin
International School, Bavarian International School, Bonn International School, International School of
Stuttgart, International School Frankfurt Rhein Main and International School Rhein – Neuss.

This year BBIS entered a strong squad of 63 runners from Grade 2 to Grade 12, who proudly
received a large number of team trophies.
(The team scores were generated based upon the placing of the top 5 runners in each age group).

Grade 5 Girls - 3rd place team
Grade 5 Boys – 4th place team
Grade 4 Girls – 1st place team (see photo below)
Grade 4 boys - Joint 2nd place team with BerIS
Grade 3 Girls - 3rd place team
Grade 3 Boys- 2nd place team
Grade 2 Girls - Joint 2nd place team with BBS
Grade 2 boys - 2nd place team
OVERALL Interschools - 3rd place

Varsity Boys = 1st BBIS (see photo below-4 GISST points) 2nd = BIS 3rd= BONN 4th = ??
Varsity Girls = 1st Bonn 2nd = BBIS (3 GISST points) 3rd= BIS 4th = ISFRM
U14 Boys = 1st BBS 2nd = BBIS ( 3 GISST points) 3rd= BerIS 4th = ??
U14 Girls = Not announced yet, but BBIS did not field a complete team.

BBIS earned a valuable 10 points towards the highly prestigious ‘Overall GISST Championship’ trophy
which is awarded at the end of the year.
This was a great start, putting BBIS in 1st place after the first event of the year!

Joanna Bartlett – 1st place VARSITY GIRLS (5km)
Nicola Marotzke– 3rd place Under 14 BOYS (3.4km)
Shannon van Oosterhout – 3rd place Grade 2 GIRLS (1.7km)

As well as the fantastic achievements of the 3 individual medal winners I would like to congratulate all
runners who made a valuable contribution to the ‘team competitions’. It is great to see such
enthusiasm towards the Cross Country running program.

A special mention should go to Jacob (Grade 11) who received an emergency phone call at 10.30am
asking him to come in replace a missing runner at the last minute. Without Jacob the Varsity boys
would not have had a FULL team and would not have earned 1st place in the Varsity boys category!
Thank you to the large number of parents and supporters (who stood out in the cold) cheering our
runners on and a particular thank you go to Mrs van Oosterhout who helped with the organization
of our elementary school runners.
Lisa Johnson

Coming up fixtures

Please come and support our students and teams, they need you all!
 Days              Month        Date       Sport         Team            Opponents       Time         Where
 Saturday          October      17th       Football      varsity girls   BBS + BerIS     8.30-1pm     BBIS
                                                         varsity                         5–
 Monday            October      19th       Football      boys            BBS             6.30pm       BBIS
 Tuesday           October      20th       Football      U14 girls       BBS              4.30-6pm    BBIS
                                                         U14 boys
 Wednesday         October  21st           Football      girls           internal        5-6.30pm BBIS
 Monday            November 2nd            Football      varsity girls   RSV             5-6.30pm BBIS
 Tuesday           November 3rd            Football      U14 girls       RSV              4.30-6pm BBIS

Looking for parent volunteers to join
- Athletics Booster club members
- Housing coordinators + host families

BBIS Athletics programme:
Our Athletics programme is expanding and more and more students make use of the sporting
opportunities that are available at BBIS. This also means that we will host more games and
tournaments this year than ever before, among which two GISST events (varsity boys basketball and
Track and Field).

When our teams travel, the other schools host and house our students. When they come to play
here at BBIS, we return the favor. This keeps the costs for sporting trips low and provides an
opportunity for our students to meet and get to know the students and families from other schools.
It is a fantastic and true international experience when total strangers look after you. It is also a
wonderful experience to host children from various countries and offer them your hospitality and

Can you host children for BBIS?
We are always looking for families who are willing to host athletes from other schools. Any family
within BBIS can host. It is not necessary that your son or daughter takes part in our programme or is
part of the team that played that weekend.

How can you get involved?
Please come and see me or contact me through email. Further details about specific dates and
housing requirements will be distributed in the coming weeks through our website and kaleidoscope.

Who organizes the housing for BBIS?
The Athletic Director will coordinate this process. Our parent helpers contact the parents of
students who we would like to house but this is a big job. With 2 extra parents, this job would
become very manageable. These parents and the Athletic director together will form the Booster
club, an initiative that started last year. We have many new ideas that we would like to realize and
look forward seeing new members joining us.

Joost Langendonck
Athletic Director


On 8 May 2009 we started our new fundraising campaign Take a Seat to support the purchase of
new chairs for the BBIS Sports Hall. On behalf of the school I would like to thank those parents and
friends of BBIS who have been so generous with their donations and I am thrilled to have moved so
far toward our target of 800 new seats. This summer, we have already purchased new chairs with
the donations we have received. If you haven’t already, please consider taking part in this important

The following parents and companies have already made a donation:
Alexandra Becher
Maximilian Kunte
Dres. Muhle, Gerwalt and Tosch-Muhle, Anke
Emilia Schreck
Ha, Yinyoung and Ha, Minyoung
Seeling Family
Young Gyu Ahn
Ensser Family
C. and R. Zimmermann
Ines and Frank Hennig
Dr Qingjun Han and Lanhua Zheng
Rachela and Patrick Reich
Carsten R. Eggers
Beat and Monica Geissler
Dr Schultz Family
K.-W. Liebrecht
Gelerman Family
Markus Family
Marco Witte
Gertrud von Storch

Axel Herr
Shaul Shani and Nicole Schauder-Shani
Wolfgang Siederer and Jana Prokop
Yoshinori Fujiyama
Vilhelm Fagerlund
John und Caroline Flüh
Dr. Rolf und Beatrice Hamberger
Tatiana Rozova
Peter and Susanne Sonnenthal
Dr. Oyedupe Gläsmann
Per Olov Jonsson
Frank Hägele
Driesener Family

Kiene IT – Service & Consulting
Reifen-Müller, Georg Müller GmbH & Co. KG
EMB Erdgas Mark Brandenburg GmbH
HENNIG Haustechnische Gesamtplanungen
Böttger GmbH
Märkische Projekt Bau
Marotzke Malereibetrieb GmbH

121 chairs have been donated so far.
If you have any further questions about our campaign, please have a look at our website
(http://www.bbis.de/content/bbis-community/donations_site.htm), take a flyer with you from the BBIS
reception desk or contact

Tamara Hager                            Tel. 033203 8036-184
Fundraising, PR, Marketing              Email tamara.hager@bbis.de


This trip will occur over the upcoming February Winter Break from 12-21 February, 2010. Outward
Bound is a non-profit organization dedicated to changing lives and improving the world. Give your
child the opportunity to discover, challenge, and stretch boundaries through outdoor adventure and
teamwork. Check it out at www.outwardbound.org/ Skiing, Snowshoeing, and outdoor games are
just a taste of what this week is about. Details for sign-up to follow soon. Please contact Katy
Kennedy (katy.kennedy@bbis.de) or Ben Dutton (ben.dutton@bbos.de) with any questions!


The school needs your old/empty printer cartridges. We need as many as we
can get because each container of cartridges gives us points, and when we
have enough points we trade these in for electronic equipment. All types of
cartridges are welcome. Please send your empty printer cartridges to the IT
Harry Klooster, Head of IT Department


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