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									                              M.A. Mohamed Siraj
                           No. 423, Mavady Road,
                            Sainthamaruthu - 03.
                                   Sri Lanka.
                           Mobile:+94 71 8401108

                                 Career Objective
To be a qualified and dynamic professional with the perfect vision for the future and
satisfying career in the field of Mechatronics Engineering with a special attention to
automation, robotics, embedded systems, and CAD modeling.

                          Educational Qualification
      Bachelor of Technology (Hons) specialized in Mechatronics at Uva Wellassa
       University of Sri Lanka in 2011.
                             Second Class Honors Degree           (GPA :- 3.2)

                   Technical Skills and Competencies
       MATLAB /SIMULINK Programming
       Microcontroller programming & PLC programming
       Embedded System Design
       CAD/CAM (Solid Works, and Pro Engineer)
       Microsoft Project (Project Management)
       MS Office

                                Research projects

      Designed a machine model (CAD model of pre stress machine) to automate a
       production process at Flintec Transducers (Pvt) Ltd in the period of in-plant training.
      Developed Digital Microscope to facilitate the usage of conventional Microscope as
       Final Year Research Project.
                  - Webcam attached digitizing gadget and software (image processing)
                     were developed.
      Developed a Time Tracking Application for temperature control system in my 3rd
      Developed a Automated Fire Disposer System as a Group project in Third Year.

                                                                                     1|P age

    I work as service engineer at ACM automations (PVT) Ltd since November 2011 to
                          Machinery Installations and Maintenance.

   I worked as in-plant trainee at Flintec Transducers (Pvt) Ltd, K.E.P.Z, Katunayake
    attached to the Assembly Department from 18/07/2011 to 30/09/2011. Flintec is one
    of the largest leading Designers & Manufacturers in the world for precision load cells
    and strain gage electronics. (
           My experience and achievements at Flintec were as follows.

                      Industrial electrical applications.
                      Production Planning System.
                      Hydraulics and Pneumatics System and maintenance.
                      ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning) System and it’s application
                       using MS Dynamic Navision
                      Lathe, Milling, and CNC Machining.
                      Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

     Membership of Engineering Professional Bodies
       IEEE Associate Member
           - Membership No: 91322643

                                                                                 2|P age
                                  Personal Details
Name with Initials            : M.A. Mohamed Siraj.
Name in full                  : Mohamed Aboobucker Mohamed Siraj.
Date of Birth                 : 20th May 1985.
Gender                        : Male.
Civil Status                  : Single.
Nationality                   : Sri Lankan.
N.I.C Number                  : 851410333V.
Passport Number               : N3239494.
Driving License               : B544818.
Languages                     : English, Sinhala, and Tamil.

                              Non Related Referees
Mr. Asanka Manoj Piyasena                       Mr. Thushara Ekanayaka
Production Manager,                             Lecturer,
Flintec Transducers (Pvt) Ltd.                  Department of Science & Technology
P.O. Box 24, KEPZ, Phase 1- Spur Road 2,        Uva Wellassa University
Katunayake.                                     Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka.                                      Tel: +94 77 8634117
Tel: +94 77 3088636                             E-mail:

I do here by certify that the above details are true and correct with best of my knowledge.

Yours Sincerely,

Mohamed Siraj.

September. 2012.

                                                                                      3|P age

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