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                                   Components for Surface Analysis

                     Multi-pocket Electron Beam Evaporator

                 „   Four Individual Pockets
                 „   Internal Water Cooling
                 „   Extremely High Power Densities
                 „   Unique, High Reliability Design
                 „   Temperatures Exceeding 3000 K
                 „   Co-evaporation of up to 4 Species from Rods or Crucibles

Multi-pocket Electron Beam Evaporator                                                        Options:
The SPECS EBE-4 is a combined multipocket mini e-beam                                        „ Linear motion holder (LMH) for rods and crucibles
evaporator which is capable of evaporating small quanti-                                     „ Fixed length holder (FLH) for crucibles
ties of almost any material. The material (either from cru-                                  „ Integrated multi-position manual shutter
cible or rod form) is heated by eletron bombardment from                                     „ 0.07 cc crucibles from PGR, VC, Mo, Ta and W with
a surrounding filament thereby allowing temperatures in                                        or without lids
excess of 3000K to be reached.                                                               „ Crucible inserts from BN and Al2O3 available
                                                                                             „ Individual flux measurement electrode for each pocket
Up to 4 pockets can be fitted with a fixed-length holder                                     „ Thermocouples on individual pockets on customer
or a linear drive which allows a rod feed of up to 25mm                                        request available (compatibel only with fixed length
or can be upgraded by the user later on. All pockets may                                       holders and crucibles)
be used individually or in any combination for true co-                                      „ PID controller for usage with thermocouple or flux
evaporation. The instrument is therefore highly flexible                                       measurement electrode
and is well suited to a wide range of surface science ap-
plications.                                                                                  Design Features:
                                                                                             „ Up to four individual movable rods or crucibles.
Main Features:                                                                               „ The current linkage to each pocket is separately
„ Mounting flange: 2.75” (NW 35 CF)                                                            wired in vacuum for maximum reliability.
„ Four individually equipped pockets                                                         „ Fixed thermocouples. Instrument may be used as a
„ Internal leak-safe water cooling                                                             true e-beam heated effusion cell.
„ In-vacuum length: 210 mm                                                                   „ Individual evaporation zones completely enclosed by
„ In-vacuum diameter: 34 mm                                                                    a water-cooled copper shroud to suppress crosstalk
„ Bakeout temperature: 200° C                                                                  between pockets.
„ Max. rod diameter: 4 mm                                                                    „ Replacement of single filaments from the filament
„ Up to 25 mm rod feed                                                                         assembly by using standard tungsten wire.
„ Crucible size: 0.07 cc                                                                     „ Fine control of the electron emission current for
„ Operating pressure: < 10-10 - 10-5 mbar                                                      improved operation at very low rates.
„ Power supply with controller for simultaneous opera-                                       „ Power supply allows controlled evaporation from up
  tion of up to all four pockets: 300 W                                                        to four rods or crucibles simultaneously.

Configuration Options:                                                                       Applications:
 Feature/Pocket                                                   1      2       3      4    Pt:     Thin films, surface science. From rod/crucible
 Linear Motion Holder                                                                    Cr:     Metalizing, contacting. From rod - sublimes
 Fixed Holder                                                                            Al2O3: Optical films, oxide films. From crucible
 Flux Electrode                                                                          C:      Doping, SEM sample preparation. From rod
 Individual HV Connection                                                            
                                                                                             Au, Ag: Metalising, contacting. From crucible
 Crucible or Rod                                                                     
                                                                                             Cu:     Surface science. From crucible
 Single Multiposition Shutter Serves all Pockets                                     
                                                                                             Nb:     From rod

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