Bank of Ireland is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland VBC

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					                                                               VBC 37-335RU.17(09/12)

Bank of Ireland is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.
Expenses made
easy with
Visa Business
Visa Business card and Gold Visa
Business card

This document is important and
should be read
Guidance on
our credit card

   We apply lending criteria when you apply for a Visa
   Business or Gold Visa Business credit card and
   we decide to approve applications for credit cards
   based on these criteria. If we approve a credit card
   for you, terms and conditions will apply but we will
   make sure you have these before you commit to the

   Some important information to be aware of:
     SME’s: This stands for Small and Medium
     ATM: This means Automated Teller Machine
     All rates quoted for credit cards are variable
     Credit cards are liable to Government Stamp Duty,
     currently €30 per cardholder account
     An Annual Fee of €31 applies to Visa Business
     Cards and €120 to Gold Visa Business cards
     Annual fee waivers forming part of an introductory
     offer will only apply for the set period of that offer.
     Your Visa Business Card or Gold Visa Business
     Card will revert to the standard annual fee thereafter
     All information and rates quoted are effective from
     August 2011 and are subject to change
     The Account holder remains solely liable for all
     charges incurred by any cardholder of a Visa
     Business or Gold Visa Business credit card
     Terms and Conditions apply to Bank of Ireland
     Business On Line and the Gold Visa Business
     Online service
     Calls are recorded to monitor the on-going quality
     of our service and for security and verification
Additional Services
  Travel Insurance is arranged by Bank of Ireland Insurance
  Services Limited through Bank of Ireland Card Services
  and underwritten by Chartis Insurance Ireland Limited.
  Bank of Ireland Insurance Services Limited is a member
  of the Bank of Ireland Group. Bank of Ireland Insurance
  Services Limited is regulated by the Central Bank of
  Ireland. Chartis Insurance is regulated by the Central
  Bank of Ireland. A copy of the Travel Insurance document
  can be downloaded from Bank of Ireland website. Terms
  and conditions apply.
   Liability Waiver Insurance is underwritten by Jardine
   Lloyd Thompson. Jardine Lloyd Thompson and Lloyds of
   London are regulated by the Financial Services Authority
   in the UK. A copy of the Liability Waiver Insurance
   document can be downloaded from the Bank of Ireland
   website. Terms and conditions apply.
   The Gold Visa Business Online service (360Control) is
   provided by First Data Commercial Services Limited on
   behalf of Bank of Ireland and a helpdesk service for Gold
   Visa Business Cardholders is provided by 360 Control. It
   is the company’s responsibility to control access rights
   of employees to the system. From time to time the First
   Data (360Control) system may be unavailable due to
   maintenance or system failure Bank of Ireland cannot
   accept any responsibility for this
   The Aer Lingus Gold Circle Lounge facility applies to
   Gold Visa Business Cardholders travelling on Aer Lingus
   scheduled flights only. Gold Visa Business Cardholders
   are not members of the Aer Lingus Gold Circle Club.
   Aer Lingus or its staff and agents reserve the right of
   admission to any of its lounges or contracted lounges
   WhiteConcierge provides emergency medical,
   legal and lost and stolen support to Gold Visa
   Business Cardholders. Customers must register with
   WhiteConcierge to avail of this service. WhiteConcirege
   will make every effort to ensue that all information
   supplied is correct, however, as WhiteConcierge is reliant
   on information sources outside of its control it cannot
   be held liable to the accuracy of information provided.
   Calls are recorded to monitor the on-going quality of their
   service and for security and verification purposes
   Bank of Ireland does not accept any liability in respect
   of products or services rendered in connection with
   First Data Commercial Services Limited, Aer Lingus,
   WhiteConcierge, ITP (International Trip Partnership)
   Hotel Programmes. Bank of Ireland is not responsible for
   information on third party websites
Manage Your Business
Expenses The Easy Way
At last, a card that frees you from time-consuming
paperwork and puts you in control when managing
your Business spending. A Bank of Ireland Visa
Business Card is a tailor made expense management
solution offering control, simplicity, certainty and
security (Chip and PIN and 3D Secure technology)
- allowing you to concentrate on the real aspects of
running your business.

Using a Visa Business Card you can easily manage
and monitor your employees’ expenses and any ad
hoc purchases that need to be made e.g. stationery
or small spend. You can also track and view reports
on individual spending so administration time spent
reviewing expenses can be dramatically reduced. On
top of all of this, your Bank of Ireland Visa Business
Card gives you automatic protection against any
unauthorised cardholder transactions with Liability
Waiver Insurance.
Choose the card that suits your

The Visa Business card
The Visa Business card is
suitable for SMEs or any
business that has business
related expenses.

Features of the Visa
Business card

Comprehensive Travel Insurance
The Cardholder and up to 3 colleagues are automatically
covered for 90 days of any journey once you have used
your Visa Business Card to pay for at least 50% of your
fare. Features of your travel insurance:

 Feature                                  Limits (up to)
 Medical Expenses Cover                   €6,400,000
 Personal Liability                       €1,200,000
 Personal Accident                        €220,000
 Passport/Document Replacement            €1,800
 Personal Baggage & Belongings            €1,500
 Cancellation & Curtailment               €1,200
 Delayed Baggage                          €1,080
 Travel Delay                             €600

See Visa Business travel insurance brochure for further
details, terms and conditions.
Liability Waiver Insurance gives automatic protection
against unauthorised cardholder transactions

Individual credit limits are set according to
your business requirements

Selected hotel discounts of up to 40% on hotels
worldwide available through ITP (International Travel
Partnership) Hotel Programmes on

Benefits to your Business
  Significant time savings every month by simplifying the
  expense reconciliation process
   Reduce Bank charges and transaction fees by using
   your Visa Business Card for purchases instead of
   writing cheques, etc.
   Easy way to book over the Internet, this allows you
   avail of some of the cheapest prices available, or order
   and pay for goods/services by telephone or mail order
   Assists in claiming back tax more efficiently as all
   expenses are on one statement
   A single payment in full each month by Direct Debit
   protects you from any potential interest charges and
   saves money due to fewer transaction charges
   Monthly statements can be useful for accounting and
   auditing purposes
   Up to 37 days interest free credit when you clear your
   account balance in full
   Unlimited number of cards per account
Benefits to Cardholders
  Separates business and personal expenses – no need
  to fund business related expenses on personal credit
  cards or to carry large amounts of cash
  Cuts down on paperwork - saves time and hassle by
  simplifying expense claims
  Covers everyday expenses from petrol, to car tax, car
  insurance, toll charges, client entertainment and travel
  Itemised monthly statement of your transactions
  Worldwide Customer Services support when travelling
  (Call 1890 365 505 or from outside Ireland +353 1
  400 5050)
  Can view your transactions and balances online if
  registered with Bank of Ireland Business On Line at (Please note your Business must
  have a Bank of Ireland current account to avail of this
  Access to cash from ATMs worldwide, 24 hours a day
  where you see the Visa logo (opt for this service on
  the application form)

Cost: The annual fee for the Visa Business card is
€31 per card. (All cards are subject to an
annual Government Stamp Duty of €30).
The Gold Visa Business card
The Gold Visa Business
card is suitable for any
business person who travels
and is an ideal expense
management tool for all types
of businesses.

Features of the Gold Visa Business card
The Gold Visa Business card offers all of the features of
the Visa Business card plus some additional exclusive

Gold Circle Lounges & Priority Check-In:
Every Gold Visa Business Cardholder and a travelling
guest has free access to the Aer Lingus Gold Circle
Lounges in Dublin, Cork and Shannon as well as more
than forty affiliated lounges in airports world-wide. So you
can relax while waiting for your flight. Just present your
Gold Visa Business Card and your Aer Lingus boarding
pass at the Lounge desk.

Cardholders also have access to priority check-in facilities
on all long haul routes, wherever these are provided by Aer

Gold Visa Business Online:
Every Gold Visa Business Cardholder will have access to
a web based transaction management system enabling
much greater functionality. There is no additional charge
for enrolling for this online service or any recurring charges.
Full details of how to register will be sent with your card.

   Cardholders can view e-statements – both current and
   previous transactions – without having to wait for paper
   statements at the end of each month
   Businesses can view transactions on current and
   previous monthly statements at individual cardholder
   and total company level, enabling enhanced tracking
   and control of company expenses - useful for audit
   Businesses can run online reports analysing spend
   either by retailer or by category such as airlines, car hire
   and accommodation
   The online system is secure and easy to use
WhiteConcierge Emergency Travel Assistance:
Get emergency assistance while travelling anytime
day or night. Services include:

  Lost or Stolen Assistance:
  Assistance for Lost or Stolen Card, Cash,
  Travellers Cheques or Passport
  Medical Emergency:
  Emergency Medical Referral Assistance
  Need A Lawyer Service:
  Emergency Legal Referral
  Get a Message Home Service:
  Emergency Interpretation Service

Cost: The annual fee for the Gold Visa Business Card
is €120 per card. (All cards are subject to an annual
Government Stamp Duty of €30).
How to apply
To apply for either the Bank of Ireland Visa Business
Card, or the Gold Visa Business card, simply download
the Visa Business Card Application Form from the Bank
of Ireland website.
creditcards, or call into your Bank of Ireland branch.
Complete the form and return it to your Bank of Ireland

If approved you will receive your new Visa Business Card
and you can immediately start to manage your business
expenses more effectively and efficiently.

To find out more
If you would like to know more about any of our Visa
Business Cards, please contact our Customer Services
staff on:

Tel: Card Services on 1890 251 251

Fax: Card Services on 01 672 6095


Alternatively, talk to your Business Relationship Manager
in your local branch.
 Visa Business Card and Gold Visa Business Card
 Fees                        Visa Business Card      Gold Visa Business
 Interest rate (for
 Purchases)                  17.39% (variable)       17.39% (variable)
 Interest rate (for Cash)    17.39% (variable)       17.39% (variable)
 Annual Fee                  €31 per card            €120 per card
 Cross Border Handling
 Fee Transactions in euro    No charge               No charge
 within the European
 Union and certain non-
 European Economic
 Areas to which the
 relevant European
 Union regulations apply     1.75% of value of       1.75% of value of
 - All other transactions    transaction             transaction
 Copy Statement on           €3.80 for the first     €3.80 for the first
 request                     page of each            page of each
                             individual statement,   individual statement,
                             €2.50 for each          €2.50 for each
                             subsequent              subsequent
                             statement page          statement page
 Cash Advance Fee            1.5% of value of        1.5% of value of
                             transaction (min        transaction (min
                             €2.54)                  €2.54)
 Returned Payment            €3.17 per unpaid        €3.17 per unpaid
 Charge                      item                    item
 Government Stamp Duty       €30 per card            €30 per card
 – charged annually on
 1st April

Effective from August 2011

Interest Rates, Fees and Charges are correct at time of printing and are
subject to change

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