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Pickens Siding and Windows, Inc provides a variety of high quality, yet budget friendly porch enclosures for area home owners. These outdoor living spaces transform easily into comfortable and spacious additions to indoor spaces.

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									PSandW, Inc In Greenville Is Your Source For Enclosed Porch Space For Your Home

Greenville, SC, 15-JUNE-2013 - Pickens Siding and Windows, Inc., is pleased to announce that
Greenville Sunspace enclosed porch structures are easy to arrange for homeowners in the area. The
benefits of this type of remodeling or alterations project can enhance the look and functionality of the
home. In addition, enclosing the porch can save money on utility costs during colder months.

The clear windows enclosing the Greenville Sunspace enclosed porch or patio space allow the sun's
rays to come in, but block the cold winds during winter weather. The solar-warmed space means that
there is a temperature barrier between outside air and electrically heated indoor air. This feature saves
on heating costs, since the sun is doing the heating. In the summer, when the outdoor air is much
warmer, the windows can be opened to let air flow through and cool the space naturally.

According to a spokesperson with the Pickens Siding firm, "Our professionals help you to design and
construct your vision of what a Greenville enclosed porch should be. We help you to translate your
home style image into reality. We value our ability to interact with our clients. Our respected reputation
in the community has been maintaiaccned over nearly four decades."

He continues, "We will help you to design and implement the type of enclosed space that is both
attractive and functional. Porches are an obvious choice, but we can also help with gazebos or below a
balcony. We can ensure that the new space is incorporated into the existing design of your home."

Learn more about how Greenville enclosed porch choices are both economical and attractive by going
to the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have more
questions about the information in this press release are invited to contact the firm at the location
provided below.

Company Name: Pickens Siding and Windows, Inc.
Address: 1706 Belle Shoals Road, Pickens, SC 29671-9153
Contact Telephone Number: (864) 878-3634
Contact Fax Number: (864) 878-1584

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