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									PSandW, Inc. In Greenville, Creates Beautiful Sunroom Living Spaces For Your Home

Greenville, SC, 15-JUNE-2013 - Pickens Siding and Windows, Inc. Is pleased to announce that home
owners in the area can create a sunroom that is beautiful and adds to living spaces in the home. Many
people find that adding an attractive Greenville Sunspace enclosed porch is an easy way of expanding
usable living space, even during cool weather. Solar energy of this type reduces the cost of heating
inside spaces as well as adding space for family activities.

The design of the Greenville Sunspace enclosed porch blends with the design of the existing home and
can even enhance the look. The professionals at PSandW have the knowledge and experience to help
home owners design a sun room that is attractive and energy savings. The sun's rays coming through
the windows gently warms the air so that the variance between inside and outside temperatures is

Home owners who are using the space in cooler weather will enjoy the warm feeling while being able
to see outdoors easily. During hot weather, the windows that enclose the space can be opened so that air
flow moves through the space to make it cooler than outdoor air.

A Pickens Siding spokesperson described the core principles for the firm, "We take pride in the fact that
our reputation is built on our honest and professional approach to business. We have been operating in
the community for almost forty years and have not varied from the standards of full disclosure, no
pressure, explanation of the process, and respect for the choice of the customer."

He continues, "We work with our clients to transform the image that is seen in a dream home into a
warm, attractive and functional space. The products we use are always top quality so that the life of the
modifications we do matches your expectations. We offer access to references from satisfied

Learn more about the choices available to help local home owners enjoy the right Greenville Sunspace
enclosed porch by going to the web page links at today. Members of the press
and others who have further questions about the contents of this specific press notice are encouraged to
contact the business at the location presented below.

Company Name: Pickens Siding and Windows, Inc.
Address: 1706 Belle Shoals Road, Pickens, SC 29671-9153
Contact Telephone Number : (864) 878-3634
Contact Fax Number: (864) 878-1584

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