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					“Within the span of 16 minutes, the
gunmen killed 13 people and wounded
21 others. A savage act of domestic
terrorism, their crime is the deadliest
school shooting in the history of the
United States”

            Sheriff John P. Stone
           Jefferson Co. Colorado
About School Shootings
   Not a New Phenomenon

   No Geographic Region is Excluded

   On a national average 100,000 students carry
    guns to school
    every year.
Aug 1, 1966    Austin, TX           14 killed, 30 wounded
Jan 29, 1979   San Diego, CA        2 killed, 9 wounded
Jan 17, 1989   Stockton, CA         6 killed, 30 wounded
May 1, 1992    Olivehurst, CA        4 killed, 10 wounded
Feb 2, 1996    Moses Lake, WA        3 killed, 1 wounded
Feb 19, 1997   Bethel, AK            2 killed, 2 wounded
Oct 1, 1997    Pearl, MS             2 killed, 7 wounded
Dec 1, 1997     Paducah, KY          3 killed, 5 wounded
Mar 4, 1998     Jonesboro, AR        5 killed, 5 wounded
May 21, 1998   Springfield, OR        2 killed, 20 wounded
Apr 20, 1999   Littleton, CO         13 killed, 24 wounded
Sep 27, 2006   Bailey, CO            1 killed, 0 wounded
Apr 16, 2007   Virginia Tech          32 killed, 17 wounded
Feb 14, 2008   Northern Ill Univ.     6 killed, 16 wounded
   April 6, 2011 OPELIKA, AL - One woman was killed and three others were
    injured in a shooting on South Union State Community College's Opelika
    campus Wednesday afternoon, according to police. Authorities are searching
    for the alleged gunman, Thomas Franklin May III.

   May 9, 2011 ARLINGTON, AZ. - A student who fatally shot his
    psychologist's husband and then committed suicide on April 22 had
    indicated to his friends that he might be suicidal. On the day of the shooting,
    Antonio Garcia had learned he was being referred to the University of Texas
    at Arlington's mental health services for behaving inappropriately toward the

   May 11, 2011 SAN JOSE, CA - A gunman shot and killed two people in a
    California State University, San Jose parking garage on Tuesday night. The
    incident in which the shooter was also killed is being investigated as a
    murder suicide.

   May 12, 2011 Rolla, MO There was a shooting this morning at the Missouri
    University of Science and Technology. The school reported that the suspect,
    a white male with sandy blonde hair, was to be considered dangerous and his
    hand may be bleeding. Police recovered a firearm near McNutt Hall.
     “The Enoch Brown School Massacre”

        Franklin County, Pennsylvania

   Four Delaware American Indian warriors
 stormed a log schoolhouse of white settlers.
The warriors then began scalping the children,
                 killing nine.
   Define the term “active shooter”

   List measures that can be employed to
    reduce the effectiveness of an active

   Describe actions that can be expected
    from responding law enforcement
Attacker’s activity is immediately causing death
or serious bodily injury. The activity is not
contained and there is immediate risk of
continuing death or serious injury to potential
   Considered the greatest terrorist threat on

   Incidents of targeted violence at schools
    rarely were sudden, impulsive acts.

   Most Attackers had no history of prior violent
    or criminal behavior.
   Desire is to kill and seriously injure without
    concern for his safety or threat of capture
   Normally has intended victims and will search
    them out
   Accepts targets of opportunity while
    searching for or after finding intended
   Will continue to move throughout
    building/area until stopped by law
    enforcement, suicide, or other intervention
1.   Protect the lives of students, faculty, staff
     and visitors by IMMEDIATELY implementing
     the active shooter protocol for which police
     have been trained.

2.   Activate the Crisis Management Plan and

3.   Provide all follow-up support to the campus
     community as dictated by the incident.
1.   Capture or neutralize the suspect as soon as

2.   Protect the lives and provide safety for
     those in near proximity of the shooter.

3.   Protect the lives and provide safety for
     those in the general area.

4.   Provide for the safety of police officers.
5.   Containment of the situation.

6.   After-event investigation and prosecution.

7.   Assist return to normalcy.
Your actions will influence others
 If you decide to flee, make sure you can do
  it safely and have an escape route and plan
  in mind.

 Call Police Services
  at 678-HELP or 911
 Get everyone to sit/lie down away from
  windows of “Fields of Fire.”

   Silence cell phones, close blinds, turn off
    lights, stay on floor, and do not peek out
    doors or windows.

   Spread out, huddling together makes a
    better target.

   If in a hallway, look for unlocked room to
    hide in.
   Running down hallways provides the shooter
    with more targets and slows law enforcement

   The shooters main goal is not escape, but
    rather to kill as many people as possible.
 Lock classroom doors if possible. If doors
  cannot be locked, barricade with desks or

 Donot pull fire alarms or evacuate rooms or
 buildings…unless directed by emergency

 Follow directions provided by emergency
 This should be considered the very last

   If there is absolutely no other opportunity
    for escape or survival.

   You must be committed to this action.
   Where should I go if I evacuate the building?

In most active shooter cases, a building will
not be evacuated unless it actually contains
the shooter. In that situation, the evacuation
will not be a controlled evacuation like it
would be for a fire alarm. People will leave
the building and find a safe location on their
own. If a building is evacuated by emergency
responders, a location will be determined and
notification made.
   How should special needs and mobility
    challenged individuals be handled during an
    active shooter incident?
    If the class occupants are told to remain in
    the room, these individuals should be given
    assistance to get on the floor or under
    desks as directed. If an opportunity arises
    that will enable students to leave the
    building, the faculty member or another
    student should assist individuals with
    special needs to leave the building. If
    emergency responders are present, they
    may assist in getting individuals out of the
   What should I do if my office/classroom has a

    Secure the door, turn off the lights, close
    blinds/shades and have students hide on the
    floor against walls that may be out of sight
    through the door or window(s).
   What will happen to people who are
    traumatized by this incident?

    In the recovery process after the event, the
    university will provide the necessary
    counseling to every victim and person
    involved or affected.
   Where can I find additional emergency
    procedures for active shooter situations?

    The University of Memphis Crisis
    Management Plan contains an Active Shooter
    Appendix, you can access the online version
Closing Statement
•   It is difficult to predict a shooting incident.

•   Assailants are not always students,
    employees or associated with the

•   Attacks may be carefully planned with
    specific targets, however, the victims were
    unaware they were targets, until attacked.

• Each emergency is different and may
  require a different response.
Thank you
          Shelby L. Slater
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

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