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									          Atlantic City New Jersey Major Attractions are still there after Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was very nearly a Perfect Storm, as meteorologist like to call it. A Perfect Storm
occurs when to divergent weather fronts converge to create one Mother of a Storm. When Sandy
hit, the mixture of a tremendously powerful hurricane and extreme cold temperatures on Oct 28,
2012 nearly destroyed the essence of New Jerseys Atlantic City, also known as Americas Favorite

Even the media that swooped in to tell the story of Sandy focused only on the badly damaged 50
foot segment that was already in poor shape before Sandy and was actually scheduled for
demolition. What the media left out was the fact that the nearest casino, only blocks away, was
opened for business. As a result of that minimal reporting, the Boardwalk, also called the Wooden
Way suffered a 28% drop in revenue and bookings for trade shows, conventions, and conferences
did not recover until January of 2013. Even as late as Memorial Day Weekend, the city is still
convincing people that it is safe to return.

One of the newest attractions in AC is the $35 Million Margaritaville Resort complex. Is provides
casinos, dining, and other fun events and attractions for family to enjoy together. People across
America who wish to provide support to the hard hit community can make a real impact by booking
vacations to this resort and at other local attractions.

Unfortunately, the largest group of visitors to Atlantic City and its Playground usually consists of
New Yorkers and New Jersey residents who were hard hit, too. Many of them are still recovering
and trying to rebuild their destroyed homes.

Another attraction left unharmed by Sandy, although it was located in an area that took a direct hit
from Sandy is Lucy the Elephant. This interesting and playful 6 story Elephant shaped building has
grazed New Jersey since 1888, but had only been in Margate since 1970 when a local group took
pity on Lucy and not only helped her relocate, but they also refurbished her. She was designated
in November of 2011 as a National Landmark and is also a New Jersey State Landmark. Lucy
started off as an office building for the original designer and builder, James V. Lafferty. Since then
she has been by turns a tavern, hotel, restaurant, and party venue.

Of course the most famous and unique feature in Atlantic City is The Boardwalk. Although it was
built originally simply as an elevated sidewalk to keep annoying sand away from businesses, it has
been since rebuilt a few times to improve the walk and over the years popular confectioners and
restaurants and silly and fun rides took up residence to provide attractions to beach-goers. Most of
the boardwalk is okay, even after Sandy assault. Visitors to the area who are familiar with the
attractions will still be able to enjoy the experience that Atlantic City has been offering for a little
more than 100 years.

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