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									Facing Criminal Charges? - A Deportation Defense Lawyer is the Best Beat

Many a times, residents in the US (as opposed to non US citizens) face the threat
of being deported. This could happen to anyone and in such a case it is best to
immediately contact deportation lawyers, who are knowledgeable about what
needs to be done in such a situation and will give you the best advice in such a

Based on the USCIS rules, there are five main grounds for a person to be deported
from the United States-

   - The person foes not have the proper paper work in place to enter the country
     in the first place( Entry is illegal)
   - Basic rules for admission to the US are purposely flouted
   - The person has a public charge against him/her
   - The person has committed some kind of serious crime
   - The application for asylum is rejected by the Government

The prospect of being deported is not a very happy one, but luckily there are
methods by which this can either be reversed or halted for a while. When you visit
the Ginny Walia Law Offices for consultation you need to ask for deportation
lawyers and we will assign a well experienced lawyer who will look into your case
immediately. The firm has had a long standing experience of handling such cases
and there have been many such times when out intervention has been of great help
to the client.

We also assist the client in preparing the rather difficult task of asking for a re-
appeal so that your case is reconsidered.

We put our know-how and experience of the system to provide you the best

We will provide a free case evaluation and give an objective proposal for how to
move forward with your case.
The difference between being deported and staying in the country can often depend
on the deportation lawyer that you hire to handle your case. The best attorneys
understand that the possibility of deportation will have an effect on your emotions,
your family, and your budget. Therefore, many of them are willing to work with
what you have to ensure that you get the help that you deserve.

Facing a case of deportation can be a really tough time for anyone, under the
circumstance you’ll need all the help you can, so go ahead and get yourself the best
lawyer possible, who can make use of the provisions in the US legal system to
bring relief to you or your loved ones. The need to get the best help available at
such times cannot be over emphasized.

Call us today to fix an appointment or walk into our offices if you are in a
desperate situation where you need immediate legal help and we’ll try and see how
fast we can work on your case. At the least we can at least delay your deportation,
so that you have some time in hand to prepare yourself.

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