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									Paper Review                                                CIPS 2014
A two-stage review process will be applied:                 February, 25 - 27, 2014
1. The Technical Program Committee will review the
                                                            Important dates, Deadlines
   english written abstracts and decide upon the accep-
   tance.                                                   Submission of Abstracts:                  June 21, 2013
                                                            Notification of acceptance:                July 23, 2013
2. Every full papers will be reviewed by a minimum of
                                                            Submission of full paper:            September 20, 2013
   3 peer reviewers to make sure that the paper
                                                            Notification of acceptance Full Paper: November, 8, 2013
   - covers the conference topics                           Submission of Final paper:             December 9, 2013
   - is readable and achieves the requirements regar-       Deadline for early registration:       January, 24, 2014
     ding innovation, clarity, presentation and possible
     realization.                                           General Chairs, Technical Chairs
   - is in the proper format as defined by IEEE             Leo Lorenz, Infineon Technologies AG / ECPE e.V.,
If the paper does not meet all the above requirements,      Munich (Germany)
the author will be requested to send a revised paper for    General Chair
a further review.                                           Eckhard Wolfgang, ECPE e.V., Munich (Germany) -
                                                            Technical Chair
Organized by                                                Dieter Silber, University of Bremen (Germany)
                                                            Technical Chair
The conference is organized by ETG, the Power Engi-                                                                    Call for Papers
neering Society within VDE, and by ECPE European
Center for Power Electronics.
                                                            For detailed Information please contact:                   CIPS 2014
               the Association for Electrical, Electronic
                                                            VDE-Conference Services, Mrs. Hatice Altintas              8th International Conference
               & Information Technologies is one of the
                                                            Stresemannallee 15 - 60596 Frankfurt - Germany             on Integrated Power
largest technical and scientific associations in Europe
                                                            Phone: +49 69 6308-477 – Fax: +49 69 6308-144              Electronics Systems
with more than 32 000 members.
                the Industrial and Research Network for
                                                                                                                       February, 25 - 27, 2014
                Power Electronics in Europe was founded     Venue
                in 2003 by leading power electronics in-    Nuremberg is a
dustries in order to promote research, education and        lively city of about
public relations in this field.                             half a million
                                                            inhabitants, with
CIPS 2014 is co-Sponsored by                                a visible history
                                                            of almost one
                                                            thousand years.
                                                            It is also a city
                                                            "of wit", where
IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) and                   inventiveness and the researchers' curiosity have found
                                                            a home.

ZVEI - the German Electrical and Electronic       
Manufacturers' Association.
Conference Focus                                            4. Packaging, (general)                                  Who should attend
                                                               - System and component packaging
In the next decades, power electronic system develop-                                                                The conference will be a technical and scientific forum
                                                               - New materials and interconnects
ment will be driven by energy saving systems, intelligent                                                            for engineers coming from industry and academia
                                                               - Bare chip packaging
energy management, power quality, system miniaturiza-                                                                engaged in
                                                               - Cooling concepts, reduction of thermal resistance
tion and higher reliability. Monolithic and hybrid system                                                            •   Power Electronic applications and system development
                                                               - Assembly concepts
integration will include advanced device concepts (inclu-                                                            •   Packaging
                                                               - Embedded power
ding wide bandgap devices), dedicated ideas for system                                                               •   Component development
                                                               - Low inductive packaging
integration, new ideas on packaging technologies and                                                                 •   Reliability engineering
                                                               - High temperature applications
the overall integration of actuators/drives (mechatronic
                                                               - Interface materials
                                                               - Hermetic packages                                   Call for papers
CIPS is focussed on the following main aspects:
                                                            5. Wide bandgap device packaging                         Experts from industries laboratories and institutes wish-
•   Packaging Technologies
                                                                                                                     ing to make a presentation on the results of their recent
•   Hybrid System and High Power Density Integration           - Technologies for very high temperatures
                                                                                                                     research are cordially invited to submit a paper. Accepted
•   Systems and Components Reliability                         - Interference problems of parallel devices
                                                                                                                     papers will be presented in either oral or poster sessions.
•   Mechatronic Integration                                    - Very high electric field problems
                                                               - Drivers for high Bandgap devices                    Please create a pdf formatted abstract in English, 2 pages,
Basic technologies for integrated power electronics sys-                                                             including figures, tables & references showing summary,
tems as well as upcoming new important applications                                                                  motivation and results. The paper should be headed by:
                                                            6. Components
will be presented in interdisciplinary invited papers.                                                               Title, Author's names, Affiliations.
                                                               - Integrated active and passive elements
                                                               - Sensors and actuators                               Please register your paper using the EDAS online regis-
Conference topics
                                                               - Coolers                                             tration at If you have already a
Applications and System Integration Developments               - DC link capacitors                                  personal account, please login with your username and
addresses                                                                                                            password. Otherwise first create a new account, then
• Transportation: Automotive, Aircraft, Railway             7. Reliability                                           register your Paper.
• Regenerative Energy: Wind, Solar ...                         - Reliability requirements
• Industrial Power Supplies                                    - Application dependent mission profiles              Please note:
                                                               - Test methods                                        • Accepted full papers will be published in proceedings
1. Mechatronic systems                                         - Physics of failure                                    as well as on a CD-ROM. A maximum of six pages of
   - Integration of power electronic systems, sensors          - Prognostics and health management                     continous text incl. pictures is accepted.
     and actuators                                             - Robustness validation process
                                                                                                                     • The proceedings will be published by VDE Verlag and
   - Integration of PE into E-machine                                                                                  will also be available on the IEEE Xplore®.
   - Overall system optimization                            8. Design and Test Tools
                                                                                                                     • The authors of accepted full papers will be also
                                                               - Electrical design: Internal parasitic and
                                                                                                                       allowed to submit the same paper for the IEEE Trans-
2. Application of integrated PE systems                          interferences (EMI)
   - Inverters and converters                                  - Thermal design and management
                                                                                                                     • By submitting your full paper we assume that you
   - Drivers, monitoring intelligent drivers                   - “Multi-physics” CAD
                                                                                                                       have accepted the copyright-statement:
   - Advanced filters                                          - Physical models for failure mechanisms
                                                                                                                     • Each presentation incl. discussion will typically take
3. Power modules                                                                                                       20 min.
   - Advanced module concepts                                                                                        • After the conference, the presentations will be made
   - 3 -D -Integration                                                                                                 available for all participants on a password protected
   - Intelligent power modules                                                                                         file server.
   - Internal parasitics and interference problems
   - Integrated drivers

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