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					From logistics and distribution
 localization of manufacturing
        Issues and solutions      2013

The history of automotive industry in Yaroslavl region

           1916 - A car plant was founded in Yaroslavl
           1917 - A first truck Y-3 with load-lifting capacity of 3 tons was produced
           1931 - A YAG -10 truck with load-lifting capacity of 8 tons was produced. We
               started to supply new coating materials and varnishes to GAZ company
           1932 - A bus YA-2 with capacity of 100 passengers was produced
           1932 - Yaroslavl Tire Plant (YASHZ) was founded. The first Russian tire - produced
           1933 - The first local diesel engine was produced
           1936 - The first trolleybus was built
           1951-1958 - Yaroslavl production focused on diesel engines
           1977 - Yaroslavl Diesel Equipment plant started to supply diesel equipment
           1980 - Production of combine harvesters YSC-170 started
           1990 - Yaroslavl Tire Plant released the first metallic-cord tire
           2006 - The joint venture DuPont-Russian Coatings was established
           2010 - Heavy construction machinery plant KOMATSU was built
           2011 - Production of YaMZ-530 medium-duty in-line diesel engines started
                 - production of heavy trucks “Komatsu” started

                                                                            Yaroslavl region

              The cluster development strategy basing on existing competencies

Leading industries of the region                       Development directions

          Тechnical textiles       Production of passenger compartment items

         Chemical industry         Production of high quality motor oil and car chemicals

                                   Production of plastic items

                                   Manufacturing of rubber products

                                   Expansion of OEM-coatings production

        Automotive industry        Placement of assembly plants, stamping


                                   Production of engines, fuel systems and components

     Power engineering industry    Production of electric and hybrid engines

          Radio electronics        Manufacturing of lighting equipment, electronic control units, etc.

                                                                                              Yaroslavl region

      The background for creating automotive components cluster in Yaroslavl

  Motor units, engines, chassis, cables,
                                                                                        Higher professional
 assemblies, coatings, tires, electronics,
                                                                               education, training, research activities
           technical textiles

   Creation of assembly plants, new foundry
engineering, semi knocked down assembly (SKD),                            Creation of R&D infrastructure, industrial design,
      industrial site of automotive cluster                                     engineering and technology transfer

            Manufacturing                                                                      R&D

                                       Trans-regional industrial logistic system,
                                       backed by the railway, car, aviation and
                                                 water infrastructure

                                                 International transport hub

                                                         Logistics                                                         4
                                  Automotive components cluster development

                               Main sectors and participants of Yaroslavl cluster

  Engine units and       Tyres, mechanical rubber    Gear and Cables          OEM coatings
    components                    goods

Yaroslavl Motor Plant,     Yaroslavl Tyre Plant,     TIIR, Markon,,          DuPont-Russian
 Tutaev Motor Plant         Yaroslavl Plant RTI     RybinskAutoCabl             coatings,

                                                                     Investment expansion stages

                                                                                             Competences and
                               Stage                                  Goal

                                                                                         Developed machine building,
             Searching for suppliers of similar products,                                     chemical industry,
                                                              Aggregate assembling
                   choosing a regional company                                             automobile components
                                                                                             production industry
 I stage

                                                                                          Advantageous geographical
             Logistics and distribution, equipment and
                                                            Distribution sales network    position - close to Russian
                          machinery sales
                                                                                         automobile industry centres

                                                                                            Availability of necessary
                                                             Technology transfer and     highly-qualified labour force,
            Joint venture or home production foundation
Ярославль                                                     high-tech production        as well as specialized R&D
 II stage

                                                            Step-by-step production of
                                                            different components, and    Batch production according
                        Production start-up
                                                                subsequently - final        to foreign standards
                                                                           Logistics & distribution

Investment project aiming at sales market formation
in the Central, Northwest and Volga Federal districts      «Trade House Insemaks trade» is an official
for accumulator batteries made by the company “Inci        dealer of the hugest machine building plants of
Aku”. In the future it is planned to organize industrial   Russiaand at the same time an official dealer of
assembly on the territory of the Russian Federation        the lighting units manufacturers basing on LED
and entry into the OEM market (Original equipment          technologies.
                                                            «Trade House Insemaks trade» has a wide
                                                           affiliated network, including mobile warehouse
 Portfolio of the successfully realized projects           units in Krasnodar, Rostov on Don, Tver, Ulan-
       Of the Russian partner-company                      Ude, and Khabarovsk. There has been created
                                                           projects for affiliated network in CIS countries.
 distribution centre of Gorkiy Automobile plant for
Yaroslavl, Kostroma, and Vologda regions
 huge wholesale-retail company for aoutomobile                  Улан-Удэ
repair partsРостов-на-Дону
                                                                         Production location

Main factors influencing investors’ decision on manufacturing location:

• Increasing supply volume to the growing home market
• Shortening the of placing-the-order-till- its-delivery-to-the-customer time
• Manufacturers of automobile equipment demand for supplies of Tier 1 automobile components

•Getting preferences in accordance with the Federal law aimed at government support of automobile
component manufacturers

The way of manufacturing location:

 establishing your own production
 contract manufacturing with a local manufacturer
 foundation of a joint venture with a local manufacturer

The place for manufacturing location:

  buying the land for own production
 buying the local manufacturer and its technical reequipment
 location of production in one of the existing industrial parks

                                                Strategy: own manufacturing (greenfield)

 The project started in 2009 when
 the investment agreement between
 Komatsu and the Government of
 Yaroslavl     region   was      signed.
 Construction of the plant’s bulk begun
 on a selected site.

 In September 2010, 9 months later,                 Company name: Komatsu Manufacturing Rus
 after the start of construction, a fully           Land area: 500,000 m2 (50 hectares) area: 42.000 m2
 equipped factory began to produce                  The width of the building: 72 m
 the finished products.                             Building Length: 563 m
                                                    The plant in Yaroslavl is the largest area of
                                                    the company's existing plants.
                                                    Number of staff: 500 people (upon achieving the level of full-
                                                    scale production)
Planning and construction of the plant Komatsu building was performed by Lindab Buildings, which is located in
the industrial park «Novoselki»
                                                                                 Strategy: Joint Venture

January 26, 2006 DuPont and Russkie Kraski signed
                 a joint-venture agreement to
                 produce automobile coatings
                 in DuPont Russian Coatings LLC
                 in Yaroslavl                               As of 2012 DuPont Russian Coatings LLC concluded product
                                                            delivery contracts with the following automaker companies:

2007            the first lot of tinting system
                        was produced by the joint venture

2007            base enamel Kalina RED for Kalina
                automobiles hit the market

June 10, 2008   the Russian and CIS biggest R&D
                technology center for hi-tech automobile
                coatings was opened in Yaroslavl
                                                               Strategy: Contract Manufacturing

                       New family of mid-sized inline diesel engines YaMZ-530 was developed
                       and designed by Avtodisel experts in partnership with AVL List GmbH
                       (Austria). Technological engineering was provided by Comau company
                       YaMZ-530 – may have 4 or 6 cylinders, with capacity of 120-315 h.p., it
                       complies with EURO-4, eventually with EURO-5 and EURO-6, with life
                       time span of more than 20 years.

                       Major consumers:

                                                             June, 2012     - GAZ Group and Daimler AG, in the
                                                             presence of Mr. Sergei Yastrebov, Yaroslavl Oblast
                                                             Governor, signed the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter engines
                                                             manufacturing agreement. The start of production was
                                                             scheduled for 2013.

Mercedes-Benz engine manufacturing localization will be on the industrial site of Avtodisel which specializes in YaMZ -
530 engines. Avtodisel will assemble and perform tests of Mercedes engines as well as mechanical processing of
basic engine parts.
                                                              Strategy: Company Purchase

In December 15, 2009 Prysmian international group (53
industrial enterprises in 21 countries, 7 R&D centers in
Europe, USA and Latin America) purchased
Rybinskelektrocabel plant in the city of Rybinsk, Yaroslavl
Oblast. By this move the international company starts its
expansion into the Russian market of electrical cable

In 2012 Rybinskelectrokabel started manufacturing of
automobile bunches of cables.
                                                                           Strategy: industrial parks

                  In September, 2012 Yaroslavl Oblast
Government and CQLT Saargummi Deutschland GmbH Co.
KG signed an agreement on uncured rubber and sealing
system (extrusion molded rubber strips) production for
automobiles and trucks. The production site will be placed
in MASTER industrial park, located in Tutaev, a town in                                  MASTER
                                                                                 industrial park in Tutaev
Yaroslavl Oblast.

                                                             2012 purchase, hook-up and commissioning of
                                                                  5-6 extrusion lines; manufacturing of
                                                                  premoulded automobile sealers

                                                             2013 scheduled re-location of Ford cars
                                                                  sealing system manufacturing facility
                                                                  to Master industrial park

                                                             2014 relocation of Folkswagen sealing systems
                                                                  manufacturing facility from
                                                                  the Czech Republic to Master industrial park

                                                             2016 purchase, hook-up and commissioning of
                                                                  equipment for semi-finished articles
                                                                          Yaroslavl Oblast Advantages
                            Marketing Advantages
                                                     A. St.Petersburgh

                                                                                   Yaroslavl Oblast is a part of
                                                                                   developed industrial region
B. Moscow and Kaluga                                                                        of Russia.
   oblasts                                           C. Central Volga-river area

                                                                                       Major Russian and
                                                                                   international automakers
                                            Калуга                                     are located nearby.
                       D. South Volga-river area

  Yaroslavl auto components cluster companies have a unique chance for production volume expansion.
                                                                     Yaroslavl Oblast Advantages

                                Accessibility of Infrastructure: industrial parks and sites

                               Expert potential: 609 engineers alumni in 2010-2009гг.

         Major Yaroslavl Oblast Universities                              Major Engineering Disciplines:

 Yaroslavl State Technical University                        •   Automobiles
                                                             •   Metallurgy
 Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University                 •   Controllers and automatic controllers
                                                             •   Electrical systems
 Yaroslavl State University

There are 4 branches of the science institutes of the Russian Academy of Science,
             4 R&D institutions, 5 design bureaus in Yaroslavl Oblast                                      15
                                                           Yaroslavl Oblast Advantages
Yaroslavl Oblast Investment Sites and Parks
 Investment site Vostochnaya
          (160 ha)

                                            •                          MASTER Industrial park
                                                                          (39 500 sq.m.)

                                       Investment site Yugozapadnaya
                                                  (100 ha)                          Industrial park Novoselki (300 ha)

                                                                       •                 Industrial site Kharabickskaya
                                                                            •                        (450 ha)

                             Rostovkaya Investment site
                                     ( 200 ha)                                  •
                                                                                            Gavrilov-Yam industrial park
                                                             •                                        (12 ha)

   Investment site (54 ha)

                                                                                 Yaroslavl Oblast Advantages

                                                    Business-ready industrial sites of Yaroslavl Oblast
   Novoselki – a functioning industrial park                                                  Projected sites

                        Infrastructure                                      Yaroslavlskaya Yougozapadnaya Promzona
Total area:                        387 ha
Electricity:                      2Х40 МW
Voltage:                          10 и 0,4 KW                               Total area                    100 ha
Water supply
Service water:               max. 5000 м3 /day                              Availability                  2014
Drinking water:              max. 3400 м3 /day
Water removal
Sewage system                                                               Rostovskaya
(owned by Novoselki):        max.3600 м3 /day
Storm sewage system:         600 liters/ssecond
Gas:                         max.45 mln. m3 /year                           Total area                   200 ha
                   Novoselki industrial park residents                      Availability                 2014


                                                                            Total area                   450 ha
                                                                            Availability                 2015

                                                                           Yaroslavl Oblast Government adopted The Program On the
                                                                           Industrial Investment Sites Development for a Period of 2011-
                                                                           2015      to create favorable business environment for

                                           Yaroslavl Oblast Advantages


Combined Transportation Infrastructure
       Severnaya Zheleznaya Doroga (The     Yaroslavl Oblast is a large railway hub servicing transit
                                            routes from the Western and Central parts of Russia to the
       Northern Railway), Trans-Siberian    Ural area, Siberia, Russian Far East and China
       Railway, bypass route Samara-

       Federal motorway                     Motorway M8 connects Central and Northern Russia.
                                            It also connects the South and the North without entering
       M8 «Moscow-Archangelsk»,             Moscow.
       roads of a smaller size

                                           Tunoshna has necessary facilities to land up to 17 planes of
       Tunoshna international airport      all classes a day. The cargo capacity is 150 tons a day.
                                           There is a state border check point and a customs office in
                                           the airport.

                                           The total volume of the water transported cargos is over
       Cargo port on the Volga-river       5 million tons per year.
                                                                      Yaroslavl Oblast Advantages

                                      Yaroslavl Oblast today :

 a welcoming ancient Russian soil with deep cultural          Tax reliefs for investors for a period through 7 to 9 years
roots and traditions                                           Property tax zeroing for investors
 many experienced professionals and skilled experts           Profit tax lowering to 15,5 %
live and work here                                             Transportation tax zeroing
 Yaroslavl Oblast has been implementing a State               Land tax relief
Agency for Strategic Initiatives standard to maintain          Budget subsidies to compensate infrastructural expenses (comes
                                                              as a part of investment agreement)
favorable investment climate
 Yaroslavl Oblast legislation is one of the best among its    RA Expert investment rating                        3В1
peers in the Russian Federation                                Fitch Ratings (national )                          AA-
                                                               World Bank rating Doing Business in Russia-2012    8th place
                                                               Capital Investments (RUB mil.):            2010    30 538 =
                                                                                                          2011    37 293 =
                                                                                                  2012 (9 months) 36 510 =

                                Thank you for your time!

Yaroslalv Oblast Investment Policy Department

(state support of investments and innovations)

                         Теl:    +7 (4852) 40-19-03, E-mail: der@region.adm.yar.ru

Yaroslavl Oblast Government Enterprise Agency for Investment and Cluster Development

(investors’ gateway to Yaroslavl Oblast)

                         Теl: +7 (4852) 77-01-91, E-mail: info@icdy.ru


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