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					                                            Leslie Knight

In August, 2012 allegations were made that Leslie Knight, Director of Human Resources
for the City of Richmond, misappropriated public funds. The city hired the law firm of
Van Dermyden Allison to conduct an independent investigation of the matter in
September, 2012. The firm prepared a 25 page investigation report, including
summaries of interviews, as well as pictures and documents. The same allegations that
were made to the city of Richmond were also forwarded to our office. Our office has
reviewed the allegations and investigation report. The matter was reviewed under the
criminal standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. While some of the allegations
are baseless, a few raise issues of judgment and supervision. Nevertheless, based
upon a review of the entire matter, this office has determined there is insufficient
evidence to prove criminal intent for any of the actions alleged. Thus, this office will not
be filing any criminal charges.

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