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					Promote Active Children
Inactivity among children across the nation, including in Provo, UT, continues to be a major problem.
Since the 1970’s, inactivity among Americans and their children has steadily increased in scope and
size—literally, according to rising obesity rates.

                                           Inactivity Breeds Obesity
                                           One of the major contributors to the rampant obesity issue in
                                           the United States is a propensity by children to be inactive
                                           during critical developmental years. This dormancy towards
                                           physical and even mental activity during vital childhood
                                           development periods then snowballs into young adulthood
                                           where the problem continues to persist.

                                           If not corrected with the only antidote of activity, the inclination
                                           of idle young adults is to remain inactive throughout adulthood.
                                           This inactivity that was first nurtured during childhood leads
                                           many individuals to become obese, incurring all of the health
                                           issues that are associated with that condition.

Get Active!
By promoting activity among children during the critical years of eight years old to twelve years, a
parent can give their child a greater chance at avoiding the negative effects of inactive lifestyle. The
years from eight to twelve are determined to be the most vital in the development of a child when it
comes to determining their future lifestyle because the habits and activities that a child develops during
this phase of life are likely to continue into teenaged life and young adulthood.

Limit Video Games
But promoting activity can be a challenge for parents who
are competing with the high and addicting entertainment
value of video games and portable electronics. These
devices have also been shown to contribute greatly to the
rise in slothfulness among children.

Not only do these gaming systems deprive a child of physical
activity, they have the ability to quite literally rob a child of
their mental capacity as all of the child’s efforts are put
towards success in the game and not in learning new things.
The easiest way to avoid incurring the risks associated with
child addiction to video games is by not having gaming
systems in the home or by strictly regulating their use.
But even video games and television can be suitable for a child who likewise enjoys other physical or
mental activities. Finding a balance, as with most things, can here be applied and utilized by parents
striving to promote activity in their children.

Get Involved!
Some of the best ways to promote activity in children is consider the vast resources of the community in
which one lives. Many times the local community will have many different resources and programs that
a parent can sign up their child for that will allow them to experience different physical and mental
activities and hobbies

                                                                     City leagues in a vast variety of sports
                                                                     are often available year round for the
                                                                     children of the community. Likewise,
                                                                     children’s classes in karate and
                                                                     taekwondo in Provo will give the child
                                                                     an active and constructive hobby.

                                                                     If organized physical sports and
                                                                     activities are not considered to be the
                                                                     best options for a child, there are
                                                                     other resources that a parent can
                                                                     consider to promote activity in their
                                                                     child. After school programs and
                                                                     clubs, such chess club or band, can
                                                                     provide a suitable substitute to
                                                                     organized sports.

By promoting activity in children while they are young, a parent will be more likely to instill within their
child an energetic and healthy lifestyle.

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Description: By promoting activity in children while they are young, a parent will be more likely to instill within their child an energetic and healthy lifestyle.